Mens Hernia Advice Please

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AuntPollyGrey | 18:23 Tue 07th Jan 2020 | Body & Soul
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Oh has been diagnosed with a hernia by GP today and has been referred to a surgeon. Has anyone (male) been treated for a hernia and if so what is the average recover time? He's got a manual job so not like he can have the op then sit on his arrass at work. Thanks


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Do you now what type has been diagnosed? some advice here.
Yes, different hernias of different severities and different ways of fixing them.
If it's a manual lifting job, I would expect at least 4 to 8 weeks minimum.
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Thanks for the link -he was just examined this pm but the GP said its likely to be a inguinal hernia but has referred him to a specialist.
OK AuntPolly have to see what consultant says then.
Open inguinal hernia recovery - light activity app. 3 weeks, more strenuous activity 6-8 weeks.
* Open inguinal hernia repair recovery - to be more precise.
Mr BM had one of these. He reckons it wasn't long. He continued playing football but had to wear a truss. The worst thing he said was laughing.

This was 37 years ago.
Will he be having it done laparoscopically or as an open procedure?
Recovery times can differ but the patient MUST follow the surgeons instructions post-op regardless.
Mr A had a hernia operation and it took him, well he was given 12 weeks off work as he also did manual work.
My husband had the same about a year ago. He was driving after 2 weeks. I think at least 3 weeks is recommended though.
er it depends of course
the short answer is 6 weeks - which is around what you re getting anyway
the long answer is - ask the surgeon because it depends

I had a mesh put in (eek!) and my main fear was - failure or recurrence or the usual mesh complications ( 20%)
so it is back to the surgeons
I still squeal - I Can't lift I cant lift !
four months later - the last thing I want is a failed mesh repair
I had a hernia op , I was told 6 weeks off work ! That was a job that was mainly office work , with some shelf stacking ! Mine was a simple Hernia , some are more complicated !
Mine was going to be keyhole but they had to open me up, could hardly walk for 3 weeks and struggled going back to work after 5 weeks. that was 8 years ago.
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Thank you for the replies. He has a heavy manual job and thinks he'll be back at work after a couple of weeks.....he's in for a shock I guess but as all self-employed, no work no pay.
Sorry couldnt resist this

Mine was six weeks but three of them done and got an infection.

Fella at work was off for 9 but it was more complicated.

Both office jobs.

I guess there are too many variables to be accurate or even semi accurate.
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Thanks for the link -he was just examined this pm but the GP said its likely to be a inguinal hernia but has referred him to a specialist.

17:36 Tue 07th Jan 2020

Had one of these about 20 months ago. Very painful after drugs wear off. A good two months before back to normal.
Is the hernia prayer called "In God we truss" :-)

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