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Eve | 21:56 Thu 12th Dec 2019 | Body & Soul
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Hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this as it's driving me crazy. I am getting a lot of pain under my left thigh when I am sitting on my chair at work. When at home I tend to lie with my legs up, so it's mainly an issue at work.

It is a really deep sharp almost burning kind of pain. I've tried having a really soft pillow then a big soft cushion underneath but that doesn't help much. It is making it really hard to sit for longer periods and I'm finding myself sitting in strange positions and shifting around a lot which isn't ideal. I've tried all sorts, including lifting my feet up on to a box to try and reduce the pressure.

I do get bursitis down the side of both of my thighs which keeps coming back despite some initial relief from steroid injections, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so tend to attract inflammatory conditions. Could this be a similar thing?

Any other ideas to try and help relieve it are welcome too. Standing at my desk is not an option due to the RA and other conditions. I am already on quite a bit of pain relief but paracetamol, Dihydracodeine and Pregabalin don't seem to touch it. I can only take occasional doses of Ibuprofen as anti-inflammatories affect by kidneys but they don't seem to have helped either.


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I feel for you regarding pain. I've never heard of dihydracodeine or pregabalin I'm afraid, but my gp has me on 15mg of codeine. (RA and a few other issues) The codeine help take the edge off mine.

Have you tried voltarol or similar as back of thigh would suggest muscle.
This is either what you have suggested....Ischial bursitis or indeed acute sciatica.
Difficult as you are already on quite strong analgesics.
Would suggest you see your GP but in the mean time i will give it more thought.
I've had a similar issue with my right side just below the buttock. Soft cushion doesn't help much as I am still exerting the same pressure on that spot. Fortunately (!) a recurrence of a more severe back pain has distracted me from it. One pain trumps another! High strength cocodamol just makes me woozy & constipated. Sciatica sounds about right.
I can sympathise because, for the first time in my life, I'm suffering too, I think it is sciatica. Mine started a week ago, dreadful pain deep in the left buttock & into the thigh. Had a terrible weekend, in no position could I find relief. Saw my doctor on Monday morning & he gave me a pain-killing injection & put me on one 1500mg Ortonton forte (Methocarbamol) muscle relaxant tablet + one 600mg Iboprufen tablet 3 X per 24hrs.

After 4 days the pain is much improved & I'm hoping for a near full recovery by next Monday when I'm to see him again.

Hang in there, & good luck!
I have given it more thought and whatever medication you hit upon, the pain, be it from Ischial bursitis or acute sciatica, will last for 6 weeks.
I like the idea of Ibuprofen 600mgms (continental dose) but Eve is suspicious of drug interaction or kidney damage, but i think it may well be worth the risk.

Keep us informed Evev
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Hi, thank you everyone for your replies. It has been going on for quite a while, well over six weeks, I'd been trying to find something to help it but had got to the end of my tether with it recently.

I am all for the Ibuprofen! :D It was found some years back to be the cause of my kidney function keeping on dropping. I was taking it as part of my regular pain relief then. When I stopped it, my GFR improved. So it isn't that I can't, I was told the occasional dose was ok though. Wish I could, I regularly ask if there are any new anti-inflammatories that I could take that don't affect the kidneys

I've been taking some 300mg doses this week, tried to limit it to one a day. Will carry on to see if it helps and then I'm due to see my GP end of the week anyway about other matters. I'll try the pain gel too.

Wishing you all well with your pain too, it's miserable isn't it.
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Sorry, 600mg, not 300mg, three tablets.
eve; My (German) doctor would like to have prescribed Diclofenac which is an excellent pain killer, but unfortunately it has a bad effect on me.
I don't know what sqad would say.

"I don't know what sqad would say."

LOL.....for what it is worth.

My opinion is that diclofenac is better for joint pain and the more potent anti-inflammatory properties of ibuprofen is the drug of choice for muscle pains and possibly nerve pain.

If Ibuprofen at whatever dose would reduce my pain I would not care a toss the effect it would have on my GFR (kidney function).
Possibly DVT?

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Pain Under Thigh

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