Is A Yoni Massage Good?

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ukanonymous | 23:16 Fri 06th Dec 2019 | Body & Soul
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My partner wants to give me a yoni massage. We have not been intimate yet so is it a good idea? He said it's not an issue and if I like it we can both give tantric massages to each other. He made it clear we would never have sex but when i look into it it does look very intimate. Should i just try it? I feel safe with him and he is not pushy really.


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"he is not pushy really" says it all for sure its what you want.
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Only if you feel comfortable, if not - then wait a while.
You are actually having sex without the penetration.
I’m betting that will probably occur simultaneously.
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This is the Body & Soul Topic.
I think that you would be playing into his hands, so to speak.
If you want to.
Where on the body will you find your 'Yoni'
Near the bottom. And surrounding areas.
Well in that case I will avoid the newly opened local resturant .. Yoni Cuisine
Question Author
Thanks for the answers I nearly peed myself when I heard about yoni restraint was that just a joke
It's a lead up to full sex.
So where's this restaurant you speak of.

Asking for a friend... honest.
Better renew my passport.

I mean I'll tell my friend to.
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How can you have a partner but not have been intimate?

What sort of a partner is this person, for instance, a business partner?

Asking for a friend.

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Is A Yoni Massage Good?

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