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long2019 | 18:55 Sun 10th Nov 2019 | Body & Soul
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is w10 still a free=d own load ta


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No. (Well not officially anyway).

Theoretically you have to pay for Windows 10 but, as long as the hardware on your machine is up to it, you can still upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 for free:

The first step is to ensure that your current version of Windows (7 or 8) has all of the latest updates installed.

Then you need to ensure that you know which version of Windows 7 (or 8) you're currently using. (i.e. 'Home', Pro' or whatever).

Next you need to install and run a program which will find the product key for your existing installation. (Belarc Advisor, which is a freebie, can do the job for you).

Then you need to follow Microsoft's upgrade procedure to get the same version of Windows (e.g. 'Home') as you're currently running. When you're asked for a product key, simply enter the one you've already got for Windows 7 (or 8).

However, given that you've acknowledged you're not technically-minded, Henry, I wouldn't recommend trying it on your own, as there are some potential problems that you might encounter along the way. It would probably make more sense to seek the services of a professional. (Alternatively, given that you can buy a refurbished Windows 10 machine, from a reputable source, for under a hundred quid, it might be time to change your computer).
Does anyone like W10?
I have it on a laptop but prefer to use my clunky old desktop with W7. I’m an old fogey, I know.
I prefer Windows 7 too, Clover ;-)
I hate win 10. I have a desktop and all it does is update.
It’s not even a decent doorstop. I also have an iMac that at least is usable.
just looking in here - I have windows 7 too but are we getting forced to use windows 10 like next year or so.
^^^ Your Windows 7 machine will continue working next year and for many years afterwards, JennyJoan. However there will be a slightly increased risk of it becoming infected with something nasty. (Several AB members are still using Windows XP, despite Microsoft's support for that operating system ending 5½ years ago. They've not experienced any security problems but the NHS did when their XP computers were hit by the WannaCry cyber-attack in 2017)
ok - thanks for that Chris - that's great to hear because I loathe learning about a new system per se.
I went straight from XP to Win10 and have managed very well with it.
W10 is that a London post code, I know most of the WS and WV post codes ;-)

I have had both W10 and W7 , I prefer 7.

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