Do These Symptoms Ring A Bell.....?

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jackthehat | 21:00 Sun 13th Oct 2019 | Body & Soul
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My father is currently in hospital.
It was thought he had a stroke. The scans and tests (CAT and MRI) have shown he hasn’t. In fact, there is nothing wrong with his head at all although he has a bit of left-sided weakness and slight double-vision at the periphery of his sight.
He is, however, being treated (with hefty Anti-Bs) for an unidentified infection and given oxygen.
This manifested itself as seemingly sudden onset pneumonia leaving him unable to speak or take a proper breath which is why he was originally blue-lighted into hospital in the small hours of Friday morning.
In just over a fortnight he has experienced momentary complete blindness, momentary aphasia/dysphasia and similarly short-lived total deafness and visual distortions.
He has been vomiting and coughing to the extent where he has burst a blood vessel in his throat.
He is greatly confused and very restless.
He doesn’t recognise the bed/ward and asks to go back to where he was previously and then he’ll be more settled. (He was previously in ITU and was the only conscious patient in there). He’s barely eating and drinking (not helped by the really unappetising food he is being given) and even a freshly made Costa Cappuccino held no appeal for him.
He’ll probably be moved from the Stroke Unit tomorrow which is not unreasonable given he hasn’t had a stroke.
My Mum is very concerned about him as he doesn’t appear to be improving and in many ways she thinks he is deteriorating; the chap in the next bed informed her that Dad had had a ‘bad day’ when she arrived at visiting time.

Do these symptoms ring any bells with anyone?


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Could something like Myasthenia Gravis be a factor? I have no medical training or background, just thought it was maybe worth a mention. It must be such a stressful and worrying time for you all. Thinking of you and your family.
We have had someone recently taken to hospital twice, with very similar symptoms and the paramedics suspected a stroke, which was ruled out. Nobody seems to know the actual cause unfortunately.

Infections can give surprisingly varied and serious symptoms. I hope the antibiotics help. Best wishes to you all, anyway xx
It sounds like hyperactive delirium on top of whatever infection brought him into hospital in the first place. Approximately 80% of ITU patients will experience delirium to some extent, and older patients are more vulnerable. Keep trying to orientate him, and encourage hydration, hopefully he is on the right antibiotics, I wish you well.
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Thankyou for your good wishes and suggestions.
The 'pneumonia' seems to have improved but his oxygen levels are still fluctuating.
He was very chatty yesterday but a bit worried. He's having trouble distinguishing fact from ficton. On Sunday night, one of the doctors looked like Kris Marshall (the actor) and having decided that, he then believed that he must be part of a TV show being filmed as there would be no other reason for Kris Marshall being there.....which makes sense in a strange sort of way.
He's also still on heavy Anti-Bs, was seen by the Occupational Therapists who declared him fit and mobile and the Optical Team who tested his eyes and declared him reasonably sighted (given they carried out the tests whilst he wasn't wearing his glasses).
He's on a wearable heart monitor and has to keep a diary of movements, etc. to match up with the results. The medics 'think' it is something to do with how his heart/brain reacts to stress.

I haven't been to see him today but expect to get an update from my Mum. Hopefully, we may have some sort of diagnosis....
Feedback much appreciated.
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We went in early today and managed to speak to the Doctor on his rounds.
The final analysis is:
1. Dad did have a small stroke (in the rear of his brain) - it has caused no lasting damage.
2. This stroke promoted violent vomiting during the course of which he inhaled quite a large quanitity of the vomitus - this caused the infection/pneumonia.
3. The Anti-Bs have sorted out the infection.
4. The investigations also showed up that he has developed Atrial that's both of my parents on Rat poison for the rest of their lives. :o)

I collected him from the hospital at tea-time and no doubt, by now, my Mum is wishing he was right back there......LoL.
Oh dear. Best wishes, jth.
Your last paragraph reminded me of when I brought my mum back from hospital earlier than expected. My dad’s face fell. He’d been planning to get on with other things on his own.
All sorted and explained to the family, that’s good. Sleep and rest are great medicine, I’m sure he will be delighted to be in his own bed .
Glad he's back home and Mum can keep him in check;-)
jth good that he is back home, did he come home with a care plan in place?

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