Beginning To Be A Little Concerned About This Leg Of Mine

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jourdain2 | 20:53 Fri 27th Sep 2019 | Body & Soul
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Went on holiday 14/9/19 to the lovely Fife. Great cottage, but Sun. 15th I stepped into the shower and the shower-mat concertinaed under my foot and I went flying. It was a shower-over-bath and the mixer tap raked my right shin in my fall (about 3"). I went to Cupar Minor Injuries Unit and was patched-up with 3 steri-strips to hold the gash together and iodine-infused dressings. On return visit there, just before we came home, they professed themselves satisfied, stuck a dressing on it and waved me bye-bye.

Today I am beginning to become concerned. Below the wound my leg is very red and hot and also noticeably more swollen than the left leg - if I press it the depression lasts for some time. Of course it is the weekend and no local doctor's surgery available. Just asking if anyone thinks it is serious enough to bother A&E because if so I'd rather get there before the influx on Saturday night. Thanks.


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It succeeds, Patsy! :)
You haven't posted for a couple of days - hope you're ok.
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Thanks, hellywelly. I'm mending, but slowly and the nurse I saw yesterday was very young and I'm not sure she should have pulled the steristrips off because it is now gaping, also - despite the fact that the Brid. MIU put me on big antibiotics and said that pus was coming out and that my leg is red for several inches around the wound - she insisted that she couldn't feel any heat (her hands were very warm on me) and that the nasty ooze was 'soup'. She then decided I probably needed a doppler and elastic stocking! No! It's a cut, not an ulcer. Back at surgery on Friday, when I may have to ask if someone else can have a look at it. So kind of you to ask. I've been horribly busy and I tire easily because of this leg hurting all the time, that's why I've not been around. :) x
You are on the mend now jourdain, it should settle down now the pus is draining and that you are on antibiotics.
I know the Bridlington are well as my first appt as Consultant was at Scarborough Hospital with sessions at Malton, Whitby and Bridlington and it is is still there, played snooker and poker at the Yacht Club in Bridlington.

it will settle.
So glad things are getting better, although slowly. Try not to do too much (ha ha) and give your body time to recover. It takes longer the older we get.
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Thanks again, Hellyw. ----- Sqad - the new Spa centre at Brid. is brilliant, superb views of the bay for events. Mr J2 was in the C.C. unit at Scarboro' and Malton is also on our list of clinics visited. So much building at Malton now that it is being spoiled - but they managed to avoid a Tesco being built on the (triangular) square after a huge fight.

Leg is less hot today and shows all the signs of being on the mend, although it still gives me jip at times and I am conscious of it.

Thank you all, again. :) xx
I wouldn't know that area now......thanks for the info.
Jourdain glad you are on the mend, all medics look young to me these days lol

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Beginning To Be A Little Concerned About This Leg Of Mine

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