Are Crisps Fried In Sunflower Oil Ok For Someone With High Cholesterol?

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johnk | 10:31 Wed 18th Sep 2019 | Body & Soul
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Are crisps fried in sunflower oil OK for someone with high cholesterol?


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Does the packet tell you how much saturated fat is in the crisps?
Oil is not unhealthy. Particularly for your heart. I personally, usually get "baked" though... as they are nicer. Everything in moderation.
I'd be more concerned about the sodium content of any crisp or similar snackfood...most people take in too much "salt" already and salty/flavoured snackfoods bump it up alarmingly.
I don't know.
Medics don't know.
Nutritionists don't know.
Just eat the bloody things.
Lol... exactly...
Gingejbee has a valid point. The true sodium content of crisps and snacks has been hidden because EU legislation has allowed manufacturers to declare the salt content rather than the sodium content of foodstuffs.
Other sodium salts such as monosodium glutamate and sodium acetate (in salt and vinegar crisps) hike up the sodium content tremendously.
I recently saw a bag of salt and vinegar crisps where the manufacturer had reverted to using the word "flavouring" rather than declaring it contained sodium acetate.

I'm afraid to munch into anything these days (Except Humans) they're par for the course.

Seriously though you can't eat anything these days without someone moaning about it.
I'd follow the doctors advice if I had high cholesterol.
sqad for best answer even though I know he hates them :)
If you have high cholesterol it is probably best avoiding any oil based cooking. Olive oil, sunflower oil and vegetable oil are OK for most people, they will not be good for someone who has a problem with cholesterol.
I read somewhere that foodstuffs don’t make a jot of difference to cholesterol levels.
Eat the crisps and then go for a walk, cycle, do some gardening or whatever.
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Thanks everyone, I haven't got many left so I'll just finish them off and not buy any more.

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Are Crisps Fried In Sunflower Oil Ok For Someone With High Cholesterol?

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