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Scarlett | 22:31 Sun 15th Sep 2019 | Body & Soul
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I was just reading all about Slimming World and can't believe how it contradicts what we are told about food these days. It seems to allow unlimited amount of carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes, noodles etc) and encourages sweeteners and diet food; discourages fats and oils. It lists processed foods that everyone can buy as treats every day. Baked beans and pulses are 'free'- unlimited, even though high in sugar and carbs. On the other hand, the nation is diabetic which is caused by too many carbs and added sugar in foods, and we know that artificial sweeteners are dangerous. Yet I have seen several friends lose weight relatively easily on SW. I'm confused! Is the recent obsession with keto better than SW?


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i dont think there is better or worse, just whatever works for you. If you need to lose weight, doing it is better than not doing it.
Slimmig world encourages you to eat more fruit and vegetables too, and although you dont have to weigh carbs, to kind of dont want to eat loads of them because you are filling up on veg.
i didnt know pulses were high in sugar though. I also didnt know sweetners were dangerous - how come they are still sold?
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Beans, pulses and grains are kind of mid-level carbs. Not as bad as bread/rice/pasta/potatoes but still something you should avoid if you are trying to burn fat or do Keto. I have no idea why those sweeteners are still being sold. Probably for the same reason that sugar is added to everything, and we are all diabetic, and all fruit and veg are sprayed with poison, and wheat has been genetically modified to the point where we have all become gluten intolerant! We are rife with auto-immune diseases which are all caused by putting the wrong petrol in the tank. I do believe that grass fed meat, bone broth and organic veg is the way to cure disease, but Slimming World seems to be promoting the opposite of this!
We aren't all diabetic.

Carbs are a slow release energy so they aren't the enemy. Everything in moderation. I've heard bad things about aspartame but I think you need to digest quite a lot. I would much rather use sugar though.

Any diet will work for weight loss if you're burning up the calories consumed, which is not always possible.
There is more than one way to skin a cat. And the aims are not necessarily the same anyway. One prioritises weight loss the other health. Ans sweeeners can't be that dangerous; I've consumed them most of my life.
Sweeteners aren't dangerous. They'd be banned if they were.
Don't mention keto on AB, Scarlett, or you'll get zapped!

I've often wondered if anyone has ever clicked on one of those countless keto links before they disappear....
I am a fan of pulses, prepared correctly especially in winter soups and stews.

Sweeteners have been controversial for years, I still use them.

I am 66 next wee, not overweight or diabetic and have no auto immune problems.
ooops sorry
>>> "It seems to allow unlimited amount of carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes, noodles etc) . . ."

That's not wholly inconsistent with the official advice from the NHS which states "Have potatoes, bread, rice or pasta at every mealtime"

>>> "Baked beans and pulses are 'free'- unlimited . . ."

You can, of course, have too much of almost anything (even water). However the NHS advice is "Eat some beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and other proteins . . . "
From what I've seen portion control seems to be a massive problem.
I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic at the beginning of the year. I started a low carb diet and got my blood sugars back to the normal level, losing 2 stone in the process. Low carbs works for me.
Anagram - I am getting tested for Type 2 (sorry for digressing Scarlett) - could you oblige with a few tips ie meals and things.

Also are you allowed any sweet things in your diet. Thanks Ana and Scarlett.
JJ there's lots of stuff you can eat on SW, it's more a lifestyle change than a diet, for example I couldn't go back to eating eggs fried the old way,I bought a couple of silicone egg moulds at Lakeland and I fry with fry light but that's just one of many things I've changed
thanks Bobbi - I know the post is about SW but I'm looking at Type 2 diabetic foods, I have to go for a blood test in a few weeks time and my family are rampant with diabetes - so I'd like to do something about it. Hey what about losing weight says me.
Type 2 is indeed diet controlled , OH has it but keeps his weight down very well
JJ , tho I must warn you, a lot of products that in SW are classed as free foods and syns, carry lots of sugar

General advice here.

Ask when you have your blood test if they have any literature.
I know Bobbi - cos my brother's girlfriend some years ago started off at Type 2 then because of very bad eating - is now an extremely bad Type 1. Needle/insulent dependent, near blind, very overweight and can't walk. Still I believe she hasn't changed her diet. I want to do something before it's too late.
Good for you JJ, I wish you well

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