Palsy Of The 6Th Cranial Nerve

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jourdain2 | 21:31 Thu 05th Sep 2019 | Body & Soul
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A close friend developed double-vision on Sunday. After a sojourn in Scarborough hospital she has returned home (still with double-vision) with a diagnosis of palsy of the 6th cranial nerve. Whilst I am very happy that no really horrible nasties have been found, I cannot get any real info. about recovery. I help her out as a volunteer in the school Library in which she works.. Obviously she's not going back any time soon, so I will have to do what I can with no real authority because the school is in disarray. I know I'm daft, but I want to help kids with reading problems.

Question is - how long is it going to take her to recover (she is being treated for High B.P.) ? She is thin as a rake and has had eating problems, aged 65.


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Abducens (VI cranial nerve) nerve palsy is actually a symptom and not a disease of itself. Treatment and recovery will depend on what is causing it.
I've heard of Bell's Palsy (Mr Alba was afflicted) and googled palsy of the 6th, jeez, I know it's Wiki but found it reasonably informative.
From a bit on the page looks like a minimum of 6 months.
(Sorry to hear this about your friend x)
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Thanks, both. A friend's child had Bell's Palsy - but it doesn't seem to be related. Think it is going to be a long job. :(
The diagnosis of a 6th nerve palsy is often (not uncommonly ) seen in adults with highBP and also Type2 to diabetes,presumably due to blood vessel damage. There are other causes....but rare.

Recovery from single cranial nerve palsies e.g Bell's Palsy may and VI Nerve palsies varies from 4 months to years.
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Thanks sqad. At least she has had so many scans that tumours etc. have been ruled out.
Jourdan....that's many cases of 6th nerve palsies, the cause is .."idiopathic"....unknown.
Her length of her recovery is in the lap of the Gods.
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Thanks :)

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Palsy Of The 6Th Cranial Nerve

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