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jourdain2 | 21:42 Thu 29th Aug 2019 | Body & Soul
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Just to say that you seem to be being very badly treated. I went to my surgery today to collect my asthma prescription, so I trotted to Reception, told them I was now 70 and asked for an appointment for a vaccination against shingles. I have one for next Wednesday morning, the only caveat was that they'd have to let the nurses know in time to order in the vaccine. Hope this helps -- also think I've somehow typed this in the wrong place - hey ho!


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I’m not ladyalex, but I’m interested. I didn’t know there was a vaccine for shingles. Husband is 75. Should he get one?
I had shingles a couple of years ago, most painful thing ever, it's not widely advertised but you are eligible at 70+ for the vaccine
Thank you for the answers, bobbisox and Jouls.
From the link //You're eligible for the shingles vaccine if you are aged 70 or 78 years old.//
Seems a bit strange to limit it to those particular ages. Husband falls right in the middle.
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Yes, indeed, Cloverjo. I'd heard of shingles, of course, and knew you could get it if you'd ever had chicken-pox - as most of us have. The virus stays dormant in your body until re-exposed or you are subject to stress - as far as I understand it (Sqad will know exactly). Anyway, I had it last Feb. following my trip to Thailand, probably from someone on the plane.

Believe me - you don't want it. It is totally horrible and hugely debilitating. It began with a small rash on my shoulder - then a day or 2 later it hurt when I moved my arm (and I mean hurt - it attaches to the nerves) and I rang the surgery and managed to get an appointment with the nurse practitioner who confirmed my self-diagnosis and issued an anti-viral prescription. This is only effective if you start taking it within 48 hours - I just squeaked in. It was still awful.

I ran a temp. and couldn't get out of bed for days and then it took about 6 WEEKS before I could even begin to think about resuming normal life. I think Theland has just had it. Once you are 70 you are eligible for vaccination. I would advise that everyone over 70 gets it. Also, by the way, there is an anti-pneumonia vaccination available (I've had it) if you are prone to chesty probs. - but probably worth asking anyway. :0)
Jools, not jouls. Sorry
Gosh, so much to learn here. Husband has weird coughing fits. Perhaps he should have the anti-pneumonia as well as the anti-shingles.

My grandad had shingles in his 70s. We thought it was brought on by the worry of his grandchildren moving away to work or study.
I went for my yearly check-up a couple of weeks ago and they asked me if I wanted the shingles vaccination. I hadn't heard of it either. Of course I accepted. I can't remember if they said it lasted forever or if it was yearly or anything. Does anybody know?
you only need it once
The vaccine has to be kept at a low temperature & cannot be stored on the shelf. If you are getting it 'free' on NHS, you should think yourself lucky, it comes in 2 injections, (though I don't know if this is universal), but they cost to the NHS is over £100 each.
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I hope Ladyalex has picked up on this - her husband has been fobbed off by their Practice and she asked me to let her know how I went on when asking for my jab.
Hello Jourdain

Thank you for posting this. I am very pleased to hear that you have got your jag sorted out.
I will press the surgery a bit harder for lordalex's shingles jag...they really were not helpful last time.
I'll also keep an eye on the NHS inform website that said that if you were between 70 and 79 on 1st September 2018 you were entitled to a one. I hope that come September it will update itself and I can print it off and wave it at the receptionists.
Actually I might print off the current one and wave it at them anyway and try to stand my ground until I get a better answer than 'he will be called if he meets the criteria'. As I probably said before they have a 100% record of not calling us for flu jags. They really need a new practice manager I who will give the whole place a good shake up. Or perhaps it is the Practice Nurses who are the ones to sort this out. Maybe someone who knows about these administrative things will be able to tell me.

Anyway, thanks very much for getting back to me.


Best of luck, Ladyalex, I'll bet it's the practice admin and not the practice nurses. Wave your bit of paper in front of the receptionists nose.
Thanks, Tonyav.
I'd change practices but the only other one likely to accept us (they seem to be quite strict about catchment areas) seems to be just as inefficient from what I hear.
To be fair, the GPs are good, I have no complaints against them, it's the admin staff and their systems that are internet booking system and a dodgy internet prescription ordering service. As I said, they need a good shake up.
I understand what you mean, Ladyalex. They need booting into the 21st century by the sounds of it.
Hi everyone

I checked the NHS Inform Scotland website again today and the date it gives has changed!
It now says that if you are between 70 and 79 on 1st September 2019 you are entitled to a shingles vaccination and should contact your GP practice to ask for an appointment.
I am printing out the appropriate page now with the intention of locking horns again with the receptionists .
Not for a week or so , though as we are off to France for a week from Wednesday.
So, a good day all round so far!

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Hi, just to say that I had my Shingles vaccination this morning. Just one injection into the usual upper-arm. A warning that some people reported a bit of itching afterwards and felt a bit wonky for a few hours. 4 hours later, apart from the usual slightly sore arm, I feel fine.
I told the nurse about your problems in getting the vaccine and the was baffled and said that your husband should certainly have no problem and keep on nattering your practice. Hope this give you a little extra ammo against the Receptionist. :)
Congrats Jourdain. In these parts it is done in 2 injections with an interval between. I had shingles about 5 months ago & I was lucky that it was caught immediately so it didn't develop to the full. I'm supposed to have another course now to prevent its return but there is non available in Germany at all. Despite the fact that I have a friend who is a pharmacist I have to wait for the manufacturers to produce it he tells me.
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That's hard lines Khandro, really is. I was at least 8 weeks before I became anything like able to resume a normal life. When I caught it, I self-diagnosed, rang the surgery and just turned up. It had to have been a weekend, of course, and I just squeaked in with the anti-virals at about 46 hrs. into it; so they helped a bit - but not that much.
One thing I was asked this morning was 'Have you had Shingles within the last 6 months?' This indicates that your proximity to your bout is important. Any chance that you will visit UK before too long? You must have paid in all your life. Everybody, please take note that is really horrible and get the vaccination if eligible.
Cloverjo, No problem, I've been called a lot worse. I hope your husband has now had his jab. My husband was 70 in January as was called up for it by our surgery. They are very good and I believe they were voted best surgery in Essex a couple of years ago. We are very pleased with them.

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