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Bazile | 11:08 Fri 12th Jul 2019 | Body & Soul
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I wear spectacles - my vision seems to have declined .

Now i've found out that if i have the arms of the spectacles resting under my ears , instead of over my ears ; then the vision improves markedly .( don't laugh )

What on earth is happening here - anyone any ideas ?


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Refraction - the altered angle of view through the lens slightly alters the refraction characteristics. Try raising the arms to the same degree as you are lowering them, I would expect a similar effect. This assumes your spectacles are monofocal. "Strengthening" the lens(es)will do the same for "standard" use.
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Raising the arms only improves the vision slightly

What do you mean by //"Strengthening" the lens(es)will do the same for "standard" use.// ?
Go and have a chat with your opticians. They can probably explain, and see if your prescription and fitting is correct.
I often find tilting the lens improves things, sharpens stuff up. I usually take that to mean that I may need a new prescription. Problem is I have new glasses and they seem inadequate already :-(
Does your hearing decline when you do this? :)
Strengthening=stronger; Standard use=as intended. You may have astigmatism - in any case, see your optician if the glasses are inadequate. If you are short-sighted: There is actually such a thing as over-sharp vision so no need to go for that - there is some evidence that short-sightedness sometimes worsens faster if the eyes are not needing to work on focussing. Also, there is some evidence that hard contact lenses help to hold back deterioration of the same. All of this with the case-by-case proviso.
How can the arms of the spectacles rest under the ears? they just fall off! Am I missing something?
"............they just fall off." Not if you glue them on, they don't.

Baz has very oddly shaped ears, "Make it so"
Just twist your lugs 180.
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Thanks KARL
Just realised you meant the "arms" of the frames. I wondered how raising one's arms would have the same effect.
If the legs are under the ears the lower half of the lenses will be further away from the eye and the upper half will be nearer.

The shape of the lens determines how the image is focused. If the lens is angled, rather than vertical, the focal point will move.

That new focal point co-incides with the change in your vision so it has improved the clarity.

You clearly need a new prescription.
yeah optician

you may have double vision ....

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