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Scarlett | 18:36 Sat 29th Jun 2019 | Body & Soul
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Due to hypermobility I have very flat feet. My podiatrist has given me cardboard insoles which just go on the heel end of my shoes. They have just about had it, and my feet are hurting all the time. Until I can see him again (long waiting list) I want to buy some spongy but supportive insoles with an arch support. Any ideas?


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have you had a look in Boots?

(No pun intended)
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I can't walk so am looking on Amazon but there are thousands! Need a recommendation!
have a look at dr scholls x
on amazon^^^^
Scarlett the problem with the soft supports is that they don't support. Can you afford to get a private podiatry appontment to get some advice?
Sof Sole Air Orthotic insoles are really good (I wore them and sold them when I worked in a Sports Shop) User Recommendation
Your Podiatrist gave you those soles for a reason. I expect they were made for your specific problem.
The idea is .. you dont wait until they are worn out before making an appointment. You make your appointment in advance knowing that your current insoles are soon to need replacing.
If you start buying your own because others have told you where to get them, then you are looking for trouble.
You will be throwing fuel on the fire if you start altering the shape and density of your insoles. It wont be just your feet hurting.

... twenty or more years an insole wearer, all made by the Podiatrician ..
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Thing is, the ones the podiatrist haven't helped. The pain I have (neuropathic) is just as bad with them as without. This is why I wanted to try something more spongey. I know some people swear by Crocs, as they are more bouncy and lessen pressure pain. Also the ones my podiatrist made me don't support my arch! So I'm not convinced by them.
Crocs sorted my heel pain but they have to be the original croslite ugly as sin ones and not lookalikes. They have a sale on at the moment so worth a punt. if its neuropathic pain then I am not sure what use arch supports would be. I did have arch supports, proper supporty ones to try to realign my knees but the podiatrist warned me that most people found them too uncomfortable to persevere with and she was right. I seriously couldn't stand or walk on them for more than a couple of minutes. Instead I have got exercises and knee massage procedures that were taught to me by a physio (he and the podiatrist work together) and that and the crocs have sorted me touch wood.
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Interesting Woofgang, my prob has never really been heel pain, so I'm certain it's not Plantar F. It's like someone has bound my feet as tight as they go, then heated them up, then made me walk for 20 miles, and then I sit down and take the bandages off. That throb is what I feel all the time.
What type of Footwear would you normally wear, Scarlett? I wouldn't presume to know how old you are, and because they can be a bit on the garish side, (Assuming you don't already) have you considered changing to a pair of Arch Support Running Shoes? They'd give you the comfort you'd be looking for, and the support for your feet. All the major brands do them. This is a Men's shoe (Just for the example) User Recommendation

But if you look at one of the pictures, the midsole has the words Dynamic Duomax and a black area - that is the arch support for the shoe. It would give you an idea of what you'd need. Also, have a look on a site called - they do running shoes and you can specify the type of shoe (You'd want the ones that say Support / moderate overpronator) you'd like. The only thing is that you can't try them on.
Scarlett I am not sure how arch supports would help the symptoms that you describe but I am in no way an expert. As I said, Crocs might help and they currently have a sale on so maybe worth a look but no guarantees and do read the sizing advice before hand. Its always difficult when someone has more than one issue affecting the same area of the body. What might be the accepted treatment for your hypermobility might not help your neuropathic pain, might even make it worse...are you being seen by a chronic pain management specialist?
Try exercise by picking up socks with your toes.
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I always wear Clarks Funny Dream shoes- flat but not too flat, comfortable, and lace up so I can make them wider when my feet swell, and room for orthotics. I've had a caudal epidural, had my legs tested for nerve damage, nothing has helped. I first got this neuropathic pain in 2009 so it's now been 10 years. It gets worse in hot weather (like now).
Scarlett, are you being seen by a chronic pain management specialist?
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Woofgang, I was but only for my back. They gave me facet joint injections which didn't work. The next stage is to have the nerves burnt (rhizotomy) which really doesn't appeal, and my physio has said it would be better not to have that done. Since they are waiting for my choice, if I say no, they will sign me off, if they haven't already. I could really do with seeing them about my feet though.

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