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long2019 | 13:05 Wed 26th Jun 2019 | Body & Soul
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they have cured tinnitus in monkeys no treatment available yet
testing for side effects


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How did they know the monkeys were suffering from tinnitus?
LOL ^^^
And did the monkeys/mice say their hearing was better now?

As the OPer seems unable to produce a link maybe we'll never know.
Would be nice. However I believe there are many varied causes for tinnitus and it might not be a solution to many of them.

I have had severe tinnitus for over twelve years. I'm a vocalist and it started after a very loud performance at a time when I was suffering from some kind of middle ear problem that affected my balance.

I got the middle ear problem shortly after the same affliction beset my mother-in-law so it was somehow contagious.
The many causes think, occurred to me too. Still, always good to hear of progress. It'd be nice to experience silence once more.

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