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jennyjoan | 07:58 Thu 20th Jun 2019 | Body & Soul
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Because of pain this morning I decided to have a bath with Epsom salts. oh so lovely and lay there for about 30 minutes. Remember I shower every day. So there I am enjoying the salty water then I let the water out - not remembering I was bone dry on the bottom of the bath. With all my pain - I couldn't out this way and that turned over grabbed this and that but to avail.

I pondered ( really couldn't think of what to do - when I think that a person becomes buoyant in water and so had endure freezing cold - I let the water built up and up and then I was able to stand up. What a shock. That's won't happen again.

After I speak here I'm for my bed to heat up again LOL


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you must be a slip of a girl if you can float in the bath :-)

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slip of the girl couldn't climb out of the water - that'no slip that's a big horse.
Frightening isn’t it? My dad’s friend got stuck in the bath and had to wait for a couple of days until someone came to help her out.
I feel for you - frightening I know. A few years ago I was in the bath my OA was particularly bad plus I was feverish and felt awful and my OH - after many attempts to get me out - had to call the fire brigade ! 3 lovely blokes - only took one of them to hoik me out and they made sure we called a doctor and were so kind. Hope it doesn't happen to you again !
Aww Rosie x
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that's been awful for you Rosie - I just remembered in the bath a very heavy friend of mine was a brilliant swimmer and she said " a fat person becomes light in water) so that's why I turned the water on again only I had run out of warm water but anyway out and about.
Good on you jj - hope you all warm and cosy now x

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Unbliss Moment

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