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Scarlett | 20:24 Sun 09th Jun 2019 | Body & Soul
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when you had a knee replacement? I read that several people on here have had one, or know someone who has. I'd be interested to know as my knees are both shot from hypermobility and arthritis but I know it's my weight that is preventing an operation. Plus my specialist has said that the op probably wouldn't work as my ligaments would just stretch again. I'd love your thoughts! I'm 49.


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It sounds as if you might need to lose some weight, Scarlett. No offence meant here.
I also have osteoarthritis on both knees. My dr. told me about 5 years ago, when I was but 61, that I was too young . An ambiguous feeling for me. But I have found, obviously, losing weight, quite a lot, has made a big difference.
my sis had one when she was 62, but nobody mentioned age as an issue - she's a cabbie and she had to have knees to work. She's no lightweight.

Stretchy ligaments, though, I could see that being an issue
I doubt that many people on AB have arthritic knees associated with Hypermobility Syndrome or Erlos danios syndrome.
Total knee replacement in this situation is challenging to say the least and i do agree with your specialist about the ligaments tending to destabilise the post operative result.
However, if the pain in the knee is substantially affecting your quality of life, then knee replacements can be helpful.
i had both done in my 30s
I had a total knee replacement just before Christmas when I was nearly 87. Very successful and I am being encouraged to have the other one done.
although it wasn't a knee replacement which Mr Alba had, I think he had his cartilage shaved as it kept slipping out of place.
10 years on, or so, knee has been bothersome again.

I think, really, it's up to you to decide, lose weight (sorry for sounding harsh) and then weigh up pros and cons of having the surgery.
A better quality of life if you have it?? xx
Professionally my experience of early knee replacement ("young" patient) was that it is mostly done for people who have got one damaged knee and not both, and where the damage has been caused by trauma rather than disease because both factors have an effect on outcome. Orthopaedic Surgeons may(allegedly ha ha) be arrogant and difficult to deal with but really really don't like to leave their patients in a worse case than before the op or, when they believe that the op will only be successful once, do they want to do it before its the only option.
When I last saw my consultant a while back, he said I'm a few years away from one, my worse knee first. I have RA and joint hypermobility but the main issue in my knees is that my kneecaps don't track properly so are causing damage, like osteoarthritis, and are at risk of dislocation. So it's full on getting physio in to try and get things strengthened up as much as possible before any joint replacement.

As my mobility isn't great anyway and I'm limited exercise wise, it was put that if I put the hard work in now, rehab will be much easier, and that, without it it could (for me) be a nightmare.
Sorry, I'm 40 so looking at early 40s.

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