Failing Memory Or Dementia

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bainbrig | 12:12 Wed 29th May 2019 | Body & Soul
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What's the line between failing memory and dementia? Does failing memory always precede dementia?

I have been worried about a very close relative for some time, but lately she is more and more forgetful of facts and events, and I want to know if there is anything I can do to help her keep the right side of the memory/dementia divide.



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In a nutshell:

Memory loss has many causes,Alzheimer's bing only one cause.

Yes memory loss os almost always the first sign of Alzheimer,s.

Your friend may well be on certain medications or have a past medical history which could explain her memory loss....or she is just getting old.

Either monitor the situation for a few weeks OR get her to see her GP. danny's link...;-)
An excellent, simple guide from Alzheimer's Ireland :

Obviously the phone numbers are not for UK use, but the rest of the content on their website is concise and useful.
Memory loss may be the first sign of dementia but it could also be just getting old.

One of the first real givaways of dementia is forgetting how to do something that you could do yesterday. Like being able to find the toilet, find the fridge, find your way back from town,knowing how to dress etc.
Old age memory loss is not a disease, dementia is a disease.
How old is your relative? Not that is matters someone times tbh,

My Dad has Vascular Dementia with Mixed Alzheimer's and a 10mm Aneurysm he is 66, he started with short term memory loss about 6 years ago, my mum is carer and she picked up on it back then, it was not that bad but as time went on we could all see the signs, like depression, denial, lights are on but no ones in type of look! looking distant! if you go to the doctors you must request a Dementia test, they will not just look for it. Call ahead so you do not have to speak about in front of the your relative, I wrote it down and handed it to the doctors, as my dads ex wife did not request it so it got so bad she left him.

I hope this helps
I should mention that my dad was a heavy drinker and smoker, this did bring it on a lot earlier due to a few falls while drunk.
My dear Mum had memory loss towards the end of her life, but it was nothing to do with dementia, it was down to her medication. We were told this by the hospital.
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Thanks all.

Lizruns: 70, and having looked on Google for the 'classic' signs of dementia, my relative probably hasn't got it, but rather short-term memory loss. However, I will keep a close watch.

But as you seem to have found, there is very little you can do as an individual to ward off dementia in another - I try and keep her mental acuity alive, on the basis of using it or losing it, but professional help seems lacking.


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Failing Memory Or Dementia

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