To Take Upon A Prescription Ie. Statins Or Not ?

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balloney | 12:05 Sat 25th May 2019 | Body & Soul
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I have been given a prescription for 40mg Statin.
The doctor has not checked me over, rather going off my blood test reading = 6.8
Which a member of staff said the blood tests we ALL normal !!!
There has not been any blood or heart issues in our family in living memory.
I know that Doctors work within NICE guidelines.
But to give me Statins seems drastic.

Any wisdom to relate please.


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What a good question balloney and you certainly have my sympathies and my "wisdom" is about to follow.

Some doctors feel that even if a patient does not fulfill the criteria for taking statins e.g family history, high cholesterol , high BP and so on and so on,....even if they are healthy.....then they should still take statins.
I disagree.

However, like believing in God or backing a horse both ways and providing that you have no side effects, then i would take them.

I wouldn't.

Follow the advice of your Dr.
Sqad, you would or you wouldnt take them?

I wouldnt, they have nasty side effects for so many people I wouldnt risk it for no go reason. I Dont believe in this mast over prescribing of statins myself.
^^^ mass not mast...
Hi ballony. 40mg seems high for the first time. My doc put me on 20mg. They may treat cholesterol but gives memory fog. Ive not been the same since. But my cholesterol has improved. Sortes one an kills another. X balloney's case, I would not take statins.
I stopped taking them as they made my legs feel so heavy - could hardly walk.

I've been off them for about 2-3 years now and got my cholesterol done about 3 weeks and according to doctor I'm fine.
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Thanks all,

At the same time I was given the prescription, I was given a Low Fat Diet sheet. ( It was not explained what came first, the diet or the pills ? - I made my own judgement. )

I am using the Diet Sheet info to modify my diet.

I have been booked in for another blood test in 3 months time and again in 6 months.
I shall be on my modified diet preceding those times and see what the readings are then.

In modern times when the world is full of dodgy happenings, I research as much as possible till I am satisfied - then I decide what is good for me !!!!

They can stick it in their Pipes and smoke It !!!
balloney......sorry about my poor answer to a difficult question, but i was waiting for the Rugby to start and wasn't concentrating.

I agree with your attitude towards statins.....if there is no good indication, then don't take them and in your case, i cannot see a good indication.
I took statins for 6 years after a heart attack then stopped taking them .I then found I could walk up and down the stairs without holding on to the bannisters and I am still OK without taking them for 3 years now and going against what the doctor said . I also stopped taking another 6 tablets during this time
I would've thought a blood test reading of 6.8 for cholesterol was pretty high. I'm on 20mg of Atorvastatin and it's maintained mine at around 4.5.
I was prescribed statins even though my blood pressure and cholesterol were fine. I took them for 6 months and then stopped.
For 9 years, at my annual check up, my BP and cholesterol have been spot on without the Statin. My Doctor still says I should take them despite 9 years of data that says I don’t need them.

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To Take Upon A Prescription Ie. Statins Or Not ?

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