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LaughingGravy | 02:58 Sat 25th May 2019 | Body & Soul
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Can anybody recommend a good vaginal wash product for extremely sensitive skin ? Not soap in bar form, preferably a pump action bottle. TIA x


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Why do you need a "vaginal wash" at nearly;-) ;-)

Anyway, according to your profile. you haven't got a least not one of your own.
This is where identifying as a female gets tricky.
It does indeed Zac's........however it could be for the OPer's blow up doll....they need a bit of i am told ;-)
Perhaps he's asking for a friend?
windy.........never thought of that ( sqad rolls his eyes).
windy rolls 'em back. :o)
LOl ^^^

"Good morning my darling i have got a really itchy crotch, perhaps you could get onto AB and see of there are any replies, but remember it has to be a pump action bottle"

Happens all the time.......
You may mock, but I expect someone will be along with the solution soon.
lol ozzy ,hope you're not doing a bush walkabout x
Gotta love going bush Mally ;-)
Hi LG, there's really no need at all for a special wash for the genital area - warm water and dabbed dry should suffice.

There are pump action dry foam body washes available if regular bathing is an issue.
Except for mamya, everyone here seems to think this is a joke.
I'll offer a more helpful solution. Try Femfresh or Canestan products.
Canestan do a range of several different types...
that wash is very good but you can get cheaper makes like Simple for down below LOL and it is just as good. Also Dove body wash is kind to down below as well.
Mamya would.........wouldn't she?

This has nothing to do with fungal states a " extremely sensitive skin."

A joke?.......noooo!
Erm...dear sqad...I use the above mentioned products because other soaps, washes, etc, cause irritation. Become a female...then offer your opinion ;-)
Simple Soap comes in both bars and 'liquid' dispensers. Unperfumed, just soaps. Anyone with sensitive genitalia (or adjacent areas) would benefit from using it.
Have I not suggested that Bainbrig
pasta my darling ....when you mention Caneston, my mind turns to slin rash, irritation and discharge.....but you are correct......what do i know, as I am only a man?........

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Feminine Wash Products

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