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Smowball | 17:53 Tue 21st May 2019 | Body & Soul
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Yesterday my car broke down . It’s brand new! But the starter motor has gone - 2nd time in two months! Anyway the RAC guy came out and after chatting it turned out bizarrely that he lives in the road parallel to mine. I’ve lived here 14 years and him roughly the same but have never seen him before. Anyway, car taken to garage, hire car sorted..... so just now I’ve popped into my local CO-OP to get something for dinner. Standing in queue and the guy in front just happened to turn round, and we both said “ it’s you!’ at exactly the same time - it was the RAC guy who came out to me yesterday lol. Small world lol


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You're not kidding!

We've had two "small world" events connected to the wedding. My great uncle and his wife are coming - Mr BM knows my great uncle because he and Mr BM's late father were very well known footballers back in the day. Turns out my great aunt (by marriage) is the aunt of one of Mr BM's best friends who will be there.

Just to top matters, an old friend of mine is making my cake. She turned up here on Friday. Her other half went to school with Mr BM and they were good friends 45 years ago but lost touch.

Although in fairness, I discovered that me and Mr BM are related. A long way back. It's a "Fenland" thing. We share a grandfather way back in the 17th century. We are 6th cousins once removed.
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How funny ! Lol. Talking of Fenland things - what area roughly??i used to live that way.
The family we are connected through was just east of Peterborough. He was born in Peterborough. I'm a Lincolnshire lass from near Stamford.
Might be a stalker.
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Doubt he was a stalker - he was in front of me lol.
Ahhh, I lived in Wisbech and have family in March, Wisbech ......
I was talking about you. ;-)
Ahhh, lovingly known as Wisbeckistan! March is not far from here. I think his grandmother came from there.
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Ohhhhh lol spicerack!! Haha !

Yes I know Wisbech very well indeed.
So what's this idle tittle tattle besmirching the fundamentals of health doing in Body and is Chatterbank material ?
The old part of Wisbech is actually very nice. I lived quite near there for a year. You can see how once it was a thriving port. Peckover House gardens are beautiful.
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Oh so sorry! I’ve posted In wrong place!!
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Sorry Sqad!!
In Malta my OH stopped to use the toilets in a cafe came out and said 'there's a bloke in there who looks just like your BIL'

It was my BIL!
No big deal........I will forgive you.

Peterborough..Newark..Eye...Thorney..Guyhirn....Wisbech........King's Lynn...Sandringham..............Hunstanton.

cycled there and back many a time.....;-)
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Ummmm OMG seriously??

Yes I’ve lived in Wisbech, Kings Lynn, have visited Hunstanton many a time...

Yeah, quite surreal.
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That’s just bizarre!!
I went past a pub garden and recognised someone
and started yakking to hiim about taking a day off down in London
and he said - I think you think I'm my identical twin
and I said christ there are two of you
and he said yes

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