Low Pulse And Very Irregular

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annieigma | 14:43 Mon 20th May 2019 | Body & Soul
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Hi All,
my brother had a fall a few weeks ago, severely bruised his hand, hurt his chest and bashed his forehead. About a week later, he went to the hospital with a relative, and while he was there he thought he would pop into A&E about his bruised and still swoollen wrist. the system in the hospital is that while you are waiting to see the triage nurse, another nurse does your obs. so, he goes into cubicle for obs and the find his pulse is 36 and very irregular. they asked him if he knew that it was slow, he didn't, and they did a ECG which was pretty much normal, and after three hours and another ECG they sent him home. he is booked in two weeks time for a monitor thing to be fitted for 24hrs. He has what he calls, a tight chest, and a pain in the upper rib cage, approximately where a shirt pocket would be ( nipple area to level with armpit). he is also a bit short of breath, but said he's usually a bit like this since he started some medication a few years ago. He's 73 but fit and still working part time. Question is, why would pulse slow down and be irregular, and why are the doctors seemingly not worried? could the fall have anything to do with it? thanks all, keep well.


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its more likely to be the other way round- the fall is connected to the slow pulse rather than the slow pulse being connected to the fall. In any case, it could just be 2 different incidents.
Too many possibility's to make more than a guess ! That is why he is going in ! The tests will at least narrow the possible causes down considerably !! Hopefully they will pinpoint a cause !
have u lost your full stop button or something eddie?
"Question is, why would pulse slow down and be irregular, and why are the doctors seemingly not worried? could the fall have anything to do with it?"

That is a very good question and i would not be happy with the treatment or advice that he has been given and I do agree with bednobs.

He has what is known as bradycardia (slow pulse) and this needs looking into , particularly with the chest pains,
I haven't ed the submit button by mistake.

Go back to A&E and emphasise the chest he may have what is known as Sick Sinus Syndrome and may need a pacemaker fitted.
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Thank you everyone,
sorry I didn't reply earlier, but i thought no one had responded.
Latest is that Alf is still feeling slight pressure on chest, the pain from the fall in his side has gradually receded. He received a letter today, a copy of a letter that was sent to his GP, as that is policy here in Lincolnshire. A rough abridged version is: He presented with a possible fractured wrist, His BP was 30BPM. He was not feeling unwell. He had no no recent illness, no syncope or pre-syncope, no fever, no cough,no dysuria,no diaphoresis and no dysnopea.
ECG showed a sinus rhythm with multiple ventricular ectopics, sometimes bi, tri or quadrigeminy. I would suggest if his heart rate was taken with a sats probe it would display a bradycardic rate. His cardiovascular examination was unremarkable, as were his bloods.
plan: 24 hour ECG. outpatient echocardiogram.
Thats pretty much what it said, so perhaps Squad could kindly enlighten me on what he thinks, as it is mostly medical terms.
I must just add, Alf had a day last week, where his pulse was not irregular, it was 65BPM, his blood pressure was 125/80, and he felt really good, he did it three times that day, and every time really normal. but next day it was dodgy again ???
thanks everyone, much appreciated.
Thank you angie, i was getting rather concerned, but thank you for the full medical report.
Firstly there is no indication that your husband has had a heart attack and no evidence that he has significant heart disease, although he may well have a degree of reduced blood flow to his heart ( angina).
The slow pulse rate is a cause for concern although it has improved and the ventricular ectopics "irregularity of the heart rate may be an innocent feature.

Your husband needs to see a Cardiologist as perhaps he needs coronary angiograms ( X-Rays of his heart arteries) to establish the degree of impairment of blood flow to his heart....if any.

He isn't in immediate danger, but a Cardiological opinion needs to be sought.
My suspicion of Sick Sinus Syndrome is still lurking in my mind.

Please keep us informed of any further developments.....preferably by a new thread.

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Low Pulse And Very Irregular

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