Are There Any Dentists Out There, Please?!

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scruffbag | 08:42 Sun 19th May 2019 | Body & Soul
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I have had two root canals on the same front tooth, over the last eight days.
The tooth still seems to be infected. What are my other choices for this tooth, please?
I don’t really want the tooth taken out. My dentist is keen on taking it out!
I don’t really trust him to be honest. Many thanks.


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I'm not a dentist. but I've had almost every dental procedure going.

How do you know it's infected? I'd assume if it was infected, you'd have an abscess and probably be in considerable discomfort and your dentist would have prescribed antibiotics. Is your face swollen and are you in pain.
When you have a root canal, the whole of the root is removed (or at least it should be!!) and then refilled. If it's done correctly, this leaves the tooth dead and you should have no more pain from the tooth.

Going off your statement,

//// I don’t really trust him to be honest ////

..... and the fact that he's done the tooth twice and it's still not right, I'd seriously consider changing your dentist.
I had to have an apicectomy done on a tooth after the dentist wouldn't do a second root canal.
Root canal treatment does usual need a series of appointments, mainly because a tooth has more than one canal. Mostly two but often three and each one needs hollowing out and filling.

The decay might have been in all of them and still needs to be removed. Stick with it if the dentist wants to do more treatment.

Otherwise, if removal is still being suggested, ask to see an xray and to understand exactly why the root canal treatment isnt successful.
Should say that I'm not a dentist either but have had several root canal and an apicectomy too.
I found apicectomy procedure much less stressful than the root canal.
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Many thanks for all your comments.
I have a burst abscess and it’s badly infected.
He is extremely keen on taking this tooth out!
Going to go to another dentist. Xx

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Are There Any Dentists Out There, Please?!

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