Tingling Legs

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DarceyK123 | 22:37 Fri 17th May 2019 | Body & Soul
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For the past 4 days I've had a tingling feeling at the front of my lower legs, it feels like there are ants crawling around on them.

Should I be worried? I do have high blood pressure which I take 10mg of Ramipril if that helps but thats all.


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I doubt that, without access to your full medical history and an opportunity to examine you, even the mighty Sqad could provide a definitive answer here.

However it occurs to me that if it's at its worst during the day it might be heart-related. (i.e. it could be a precursor to the swollen ankles which are often asociated with a heart not functioning at its best).

If it's at its worst during the evening or at night though then it could be mild RLS:
(Note the 'creep crawly' feeling referred to there. It sounds very much like what you're describing).
Almost certainly no big deal and nothing disastrous comes to mind.
I agree with the post of Buenchico, but it does sound like a condition called Formifcation and seems to be common around the menopause.
This is hormone related and is annoying rather than serious.
There are many other conditions,e.g diabetes, but my money would go on the menopausal problem.
Monitor the situation for a couple of weeks.
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Thanks both. Will see how it goes.

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Tingling Legs

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