Can A Face Cleanser Cause Hair Loss?

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deejaybenj | 07:26 Thu 16th May 2019 | Body & Soul
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My question is - can a face cleanser or face wash cause hair loss in any way?

The thing I am most curious about is whether ingredients in a face cleanser could be absorbed into the skin on the face and absorbed into the skin's system and somehow 'travel' to the skin on the scalp. This could then potentially result in excess sebum sebum production on the scalp and clogged follicles and in the long run hair loss.

So essentially I am wondering is the skin on the face connected to the skin on the scalp.

Please note - I don't mean a face cleanser getting near the hairline and affecting hair in this way, but in the sense of a cleanser being absorbed into the face.



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//So essentially I am wondering is the skin on the face connected to the skin on the scalp.//

Hmm. I'll have to think on that one.
All my skin's connected to all my other skin.
I suspect that your hair loss may be caused by something other than face cream.
I agree with Tilly ^^^
// All my skin's connected to all my other skin. //
yeah I had noticed that
you know as in the song - when I winked , I wonked .....
The Winkie-wonkie bird

The blood supply to the scalp must be different as varying the blood supply may make the hair regrow.

the arterial supply is different to the venous drainage but I cant remember the details - the venous drainage is like a pudding basin and is especially rich - you can cut a 90% circlle in the scalp and when you stitch it up the centre wont fall out ( it will just about anywhere else) . and it is possible to bleed to death from scalp wounds see above. They tend to gape and not close

aand that is all I can remember about the blood supply to the scalp - it was after all such a long time ago ....
Very perspicacious of you PP.
I think the "clogged follicles" causes hair loss thing is the latest bunch of nonsense from hair product sellers. So far as I am aware, there is no evidence at all that follicles can get clogged enough (in normal life) to discourage hair regrowth.
They chain of circumstances would have to be
There is something in facewash (which one?) that stimulates sebum production - doubt it, that would negate what facewash is for.
The something in facewash that I don't think exists is capable of travelling around from your face to your scalp
The something in facewash then capable of stimulating sebum production in hair follicles which again I doubt given that it shouldn't be stimulating sebum production anywhere as that would negate its purpose (are we bored yet?)
The overproduced sebum is capable of clogging hair follicles
Hairs are prevented from growing by having their follicles clogged with sebum.

Never say never but it looks pretty unlikely
Hmm. That's not true.
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