Vagus Nerve Cough Reflex

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Tilly2 | 20:06 Tue 14th May 2019 | Body & Soul
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Can someone explain to me in plain English what this is all about.

My elderly friend has a problem with a continuous cough. Nothing wrong with her chest.

Has been informed by ENT consultant that the Vagus nerve is the problem.


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Yes.......I can.

The vagus nerve is one of the main cranial nerves and it has a long journey from the skull, into the neck, through the chest and into the stomach.

Anywhere along its route it can be irritated by a disease process which causes a cough....the vagus cough reflex.
The catch here is to find out where it is being irritated and by what...e.g lung cancer .
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Thank you, Sqad. I'll ask more about this later, as I have to sign off now.
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Sqad, this friend was sent to the ENT department for a barium swallow, to investigate the cause of her very irritating, long term cough.
She was told that she had no oesophageal blockage and a 'bit' of arthritis in her neck.

They then poked about in her left ear and removed some hardened wax.
The consultant then spoke to her husband about the fact that, now her ear had been cleaned, the coughing would stop.

It hasn't. That's why we are trying to find out what it's all about. She is going to see her GP and will ask about it then.

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Vagus Nerve Cough Reflex

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