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LadyCG | 02:38 Wed 01st May 2019 | Body & Soul
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I'm 5 days into the no-break progestogen-only mini-pill, Cerelle. I have insomnia, back-ache, intermittent headache, nausea and crippling breast pain. These are all the typical cyclical symptoms which prompted me to go on the "no-period" pill in the first place.

Are these just "bedding-in" symptoms or do they respresent poor tolerance?

I have an appointment in a couple of weeks with Gynae Surgeon but I'm trying to avoid major surgery for the time being due to work, travel and personal commitments.

Opinions appreciated, thanks.


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Morning CG xxx
I don't know if this will help. My medical knowledge doesn't go that far.

Not my area of expertise Lady but for what it is worth, in that going on the pill for non contraceptive reasons e.g PMT i feel that you do need to give it time to "bed in" as you aptly put it.
This being your first cycle, perhaps you are asking too much too quickly.
You can take the normal Pill continuously to avoid periods. It’s not harmful at all.
Question Author
A combined pill would have a disasterous effect upon me, Clo-Jo. The last thing I need is more Oestrogen.
Oh, sorry, Lady.

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