Best Dry Mouth Solution?

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joko | 19:34 Thu 25th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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I have a very dry mouth - especially at night - but its down to medication, i drink loads of water every day.

Any recommendations for the best items to help with this?

I bought one type of mouth spray, and it works but not for very long.

thanks :)


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This range has a good reputation , but I am not speaking from personal use of the product.
That sounds interesting, Mamy. Since my recent hospital stay I keep getting a dry mouth, so I think I'll give it a go.
I'm sure the product is available elsewhere but I have dealt with that company and they are reliable.
My husband has Sjorgrens Syndrome and he's on tablets to assist with it too but uses Biotene Dry Mouth which he carts around with him. He's tried a few and that seems to be the one that suits him best. x
bhg481. Hi I have recently ordered stuff off this company
( Complete Care ) and while they are good , at the moment they are moving to bigger premises which has caused a backlog of orders so maybe shop around to see if you can get it elsewhere. x
Good point bodeker, I thought they had completed their move - I should have mentioned it though.
It's not a solution but I use Halls Mentholyptus, the black strong ones. It does work for a while.

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Best Dry Mouth Solution?

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