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jacpinetree17 | 17:08 Sun 21st Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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Hi Squad. Had a letter for bowel screening end of May. I will go because the NHS have been kind enough to send for me. The procedure is gas and sumthin pumped into the bowel. I had a colonoscopy yrs ago and the pain was awful. They put it down to I.b.s. Left with a lot of flatulance in the recovery ward. Best laugh ever by the way all ladies that had no control after the procedure. Anyway that pain was bad and it put me off. Is the bowel screening the same thing?
Thank you JPT. Xxxxxxx


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I had a colonoscopy and don't remember a thing about it! I had a virtual colonoscopy and it was awful
17:21 Sun 21st Apr 2019
I had a colonoscopy and don't remember a thing about it! I had a virtual colonoscopy and it was awful
Did you get the letter after sending back the little card with samples of your stools, the ones that are sent out to over-60s every 2 years?
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Hi goodgoalie. No it’s not the poo on the card over 3 days. This has just cum out for 55 an overs and I’m not quite 56 just yet. The NHS just sent me a letter. Once u say yes for screening they send out a liquid. Stay by the loo. Bowl empty. Hospital for procedure. Job dun. They take biopsies as well. Anything found early is better treated than left. Little embarresment that could save your life. JPT X
It's a sigmoidoscopy. I have had one of those and was told by the staff that you don't end up being propelled back out through Reception by wind because they use a different type of gas now and it's reabsorbed by the body. It did hurt when they pumped me up though.
Assuming that 237SJ has identified the relevant procedure, this leaflet
and/or this video
might help make things a bit clearer.
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Hi mexican18. Not best answer soz. Anyway I no what you mean. That colonoscopy was awful and I’ve had many procedures over the years and that was my worse, I thought my bowel was gonna explode the pain was excruciating. This bowel thing I’m havin end of May does give me concerned. JPT x
Yes it will be a camera investigation of your colon.
I don't know why the pain was awful, last time, as I would describe it as uncomfortable ( I have never had a colonoscopy ;-))

best of luck.
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Bueno. Thank u. I will read your links. Can I have my Easter egg first? Lol JPT x
The colonoscopy was ok. I had so much sedation I fell asleep half way through.
When I had the virtual one, when the nurse said that she was going to put the tube in me I said"Shouldn't we go out for dinner or something first"
I don't know why I said it. I think it was because I was nervous. The nurse didn't think it was funny and it went downhill from there on!
LOL......if you had gone private, you would have had a quick cuddle with the nurse beforehand........but not on the NHS.
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Thanks 237sj. It’s the stuff they pump in. Worth a bit of pain tho to find out but it’s sooooo not normal. I felt the bowel was gonna explode. I was told if we don’t do it now u will have to come back. That was years ago but I can remember it like yesterday. Thanks JPT x
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Squad u do have a cheeky side.
So , you have Sigmoidoscopy / Colonoscopy / Virtual Colonoscopy

In the absence of any symptoms - At what age and which one of those procedures should you have ?

Over 55's

Call the free bowel cancer screening helpline on 0800 707 60 60 to check if it's available in your area.

I'm nearly 60.
Can I expect to be called to join in the fun?

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