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woodelf | 09:37 Sun 21st Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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Before I start exploring Amazon, can anyone recommend gloves for Arthritis, maybe IMAK? - there are probably lots of them, but I'd rather ask someone who uses such gloves first. Ta Muchly.


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My husband wears a glove for his arthritis. It’s just a normal glove from a sportswear shop. He wants to keep the wrist joint warm, as cold makes it more painful.
I don’t know what IMAK is.
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Many Thanks for your swift reply Brinna, but it/they sound very tortuous!...still, I've got to try summat!
Lol, I thought it said the Amazon. I wondered why you were getting sensible answers.
Yes I can woodelf. I've just looked at the ones you mentioned. I have some with little dots on the palms for grip, but I reckon any of the fingerless ones would do the trick. I do find they help, they warm the hand and do relieve pain from my personal opinion. Mine are a lightweight pair, sorry I can't remember the name of them. I will try looking them up for you and get back to you x
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Many Thanks Clover - IMAK is a make of gloves, I think, but I just thought heat might work for me!
Cloverjo IMAK is a brand. I used to help people with arthritis but I am NOT a specialist. In all honesty I think that its one of those you have to try things. Some people can't tolerate them, some find them no help, some people think they are wonderful. Its actually the same with splints (orthotics) some people find them very helpful, some people can't tolerate them even though clinically they may be people who could benefit. The problem with this is, of course, that 1000 people could post on this thread saying they are wonderful and they still wouldn't help you. When you look for research there is very little and what there is focusses on how the sufferers said the gloves made them feel.....which is important but not objective. Things I would say are make sure they fit properly, too tight will risk making things worse and too loose won't achieve the compression which is how they are said to work....and choose gloves with a smooth inside and pressure from seams won't help at all. good evenhanded article here.
The make of mine are (Fortuna specialist orthopaedic glove range) Have a browse as the same ones are all different prices. Though as I said, I reckon any will give you relief.
On Amazon, it looks like the Fortuna range start from about 9.99 and upwards. I imagine through your painting the repetitive use of your hands has taken its toll woodelf.
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Hi Eleena, long time would prefer the complete glove(s) rather than just the palm, but if they work that far, then I'll give 'em a try!...big smile.
Smiles x
Of course the problem with full gloves woodelf, you have to take them off now and then to do things, with fingerless they're on your hands longer.
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Very Many Thanks Woof for a very comprehensive answer - and Thank You Too Eleena and I will have a look at those you mention on Amazon - I could buy one of those sausage-type things which are filled with lavender or stuff which I can put in microwave oven and try at different heats?
Hi woodelf, Yes the sausage things you mention are good also, for as long as they are still warm. The fingerless gloves are a gentle background compression/ warmth that is constant as long as you have them on. By the way, the length on the fingers is quite long anyway, so feels like a full glove, but you can still operate with them on woodelf x
Would you be able to get a referral to a Occupational Therapist? They might be able to advise on some options to suit the arthritis that you have, where the pain is etc... and have some that you could try. I've tried some of the gloves and braces but I do find them difficult to keep on for long and do much with, even with the fingerless ones. My hands get really hot in them too, though I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so my hands tend to be on the hot side anyway. It's a very personal thing though.

I quite like using tubi grips for lighter support. Really cheap to buy in places like Quality Save and pound shops and they tend to wash and wear really well. I cut a hole out for my thumb (if that would be feasible for you or with help?) and double/fold them over if I want greater pressure, on certain parts. It leaves my fingers freer for typing etc... too even when I have them most of the way up my fingers (kind of like a mitten) and I find them really comfortable.
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Very Many Thanks Eve, I could try those tubi grips too, even though I haven't heard of them before and as for a referral to an OT, Iften wonder it my arthritic pain is reason enough to ask for an appointment, because I am stubborn enough only to see my own GP who is an absolute marvel! I suppose it's a case of either try summat or just put up with it! I could be mean and horrible of course - "no change then," says Lie-in King, with an evil grin - and say that as I am blind, my hands are my eyes and try getting "in front of the queue" like others I have heard about!, not me that kind of behaviour! Thank You All anyway for your help and advice.
They may come under riding gloves, that warm up your hands. Have a look at those if you don't get any joy xx

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