God Bless Our Nhs

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Theland | 21:22 Sat 20th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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Since coming out of hospital, I have had visits from Community Nurse, Community Matron, Health Visistor, Occupational Therapist, and I have phone numbers for emergency, all to keep me healthy and out of hospital.
How humbling. How wonderful. God Bless the NHS.


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Good news.
Yes, thank goodness for the NHS. Some parts are terrible, some great. Overall I think we’re very lucky to have it.
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For years I only ever used it for a sick note, and a script for a sore throat etc. But these days, WOW! I need these lovely people so much.
" and I have phone numbers for emergency, all to keep me healthy and out of hospital."

That is amazing and as you say quite humbling. I wonder how they do that?.
God bless the NHS.

Couldn't agree more, I'm 67, twice they have saved my life in that time once after a major RTC in late 70's and again with major surgery in 2009, I am truly grateful to them.
Yes to all of the above, my partner is currently using their facilities because of very high blood sugar levels (over 20 for a couple of days). But from my initial 999 call to where we are now cannot really fault the system, maybe communications could be a little bit better but thats all. My initial call last Thursday evening.
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So horrible and sad to see TV documentaries showing abuse of wonderful Paramedics, hospital staff, and time wasters who suck the blood out of the NHS.
I couldn't agree more, we have both had wonderful care from the NHS.

Glad all goes well for you Theland.
treated by the Christie and am very satisfied
( relapsed lymphoma 2016 and still alive - oo-er mrs I dont think it is me, I think it is them!)
Oh god, private chemo in the UK

your insurance has run out so if you want more gomboolamycin, you're gonna have to pay ! oo-er Mrs again !

rituximab - useful for leukaemias etc is £3500 per jab
so a course is around £30 000 - if you are CD20+ it increases survival by another 20% ( 50 % without to 70% with)
Health care in other countries ain't bad either. A fortnight ago on going to bed I noticed a rash on my side. Phoned my doc. at 9:00 am, told to come in at 11:00 "but may have to wait" . By 12:00 I'd been diagnosed with the start of shingles and had the medicine. Because it was caught quickly the anti-viral took effect and it is on the wane, in fact it's cleared up

Daughter in England tells me she now needs to wait 2 weeks for an appointment. Nhs seems to be best only in emergencies, as the above testify
OH has not had his results regarding his possible cancer of the finger. He had the op on the 14th March.
My friends brother had a heart attack at Christmas. He had X-rays taken then, still not had results. When they enquired they were told there is no one available to read X-rays in Gloucester.
When you think of America, sick people have to bankrupt themselves to receive the treatment that we take for granted.

God bless the NHS. Glad you’re being looked after, Theland.
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Just love them. Hate bothering them.
Me too..
I can't fault the treatment my Vera and I have have had. She had cancer twice. I went into Cheltenham General Hospital with cancer, came out a couple of hours later without it! I have an appointment on Tuesday for a brain scan, all free of charge, what's not to love about our wonderful NHS?
No wonder you are happy Theland, it looks like a posse of women fussing over you
WB //Tuesday for a brain scan, all free of charge, what's not to love about our wonderful NHS?//

It depends what you mean by "free", where do you think the funding comes from?
P.S. Hope it is all OK, and when it is, have one to celebrate in the 'Fleece', Nelson street :0)
You should write a letter to the health trust, expressing your gratitude for the care you received (naming names) – I’m sure they appreciate such letters, with positive feedback.
I was sent a feedback form.

The treatment I had was brilliant, I sleep walk and talk and they humoured me.

My uncle on the other hand had awful treatment and he was in for 3 months.

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God Bless Our Nhs

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