Dead Feet

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Bazile | 15:08 Fri 19th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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Sitting down on the throne earlier , browsing AB ( as you do ) I became aware that my feet had become numb and spongy

I assume that it was because of the pressure of the seat on my upper leg had caused the blood supply to be temporarily cut off from going down to my feet

Is that an accurate explanation ?


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More likely pressure on a nerve I think?

I do hope you washed your tablet afterwards ...
Just how long were you sitting on the loo ?
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no it sometimes happens on here the dumbness levels just start to rise
Yes......perfect explanation.
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Crikey sqad - you'd better watch out

Bazile - MD

I might be becoming your rival on here with a knowledge of medical issues :-)
LOL...not to worry Bazile, I am way down the list, many experts are above me, but come and join me.......;-)
I started to feel numbness in my feet about three years ago, some say it's trapped nerves, I don't know, it is now permanent and I do lots of exercises (toe wiggling) every day in an attempt to ward it off.

I saw somewhere that beer, doesn't help, what say you sqad?
^^ beer drinking
Khandro....may be! maybe!
There is a condition known as Alcoholic Neuropathy which can give the symptoms that you describe, but you need to be a "hell of a beer drinker" to damage the nerves which are involved in that condition.
Six pints a night may do it........anything less.......naah!
I'm not far off sqad - about 2 litres a night, and that equivalent for about 60 years - could it be catching up on me I wonder?

I recently stopped for 15 days, but it had no effect so I carried on.

I do 15 minutes yoga every morning (since 30 years back) and alternate daily with golf and cycling.

I believe when Socrates drank the hemlock the numbness started in his feet and worked its way up, perhaps when it gets to my knees I should start to take it seriously :0) is when it gets higher than your knees, affecting more........responsive parts of your anatomy that you need to worry.
sqad; By then I think I'll beyond caring. :0)
sqad; P.S. I saw a cartoon the other day I think you would have liked; a man on a stretcher being carried into A&E and the paramedics are saying to the receiving doctor, "He self-diagnosed on Google and self-medicated on Amazon!"

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Dead Feet

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