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Bazile | 12:14 Wed 17th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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Is it harmful to drink too much water in one go - i.e. 4 small mugs ?


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No...4 small mugs would be about a pint. I've downed that in one go.
I often drink about a pint of water in a short period (minutes. I'd have thought it'd only be a problem if you drank about a dozen mugs. In fact in hospital someone I took recently had to drink about 2 pints before a scan
sorry ummmm- I typed mine before yours but my mouse battery had to be replaced before I could submit
They make you drink a pint before giving blood and also advise to drink a pint before a scan in pregnancy.
A normal sized stomach could take two pints of fluid......and a distended stomach could take 8 pints.
"Is it harmful to drink too much water in one go"

Yes, but not with your example.
If you drink over a litre of water per hour it can cause hyponatremia
For scans you often need a full bladder so that organs can be defined better. So long as your water intake is not excessive in 24 hours four small cups at once no problem

"If you drink over a litre of water per hour it can cause hyponatremia"

Naaaaah!......the kidneys can excrete a litre an hour.

Stop Googling "water intoxication."....;-)
I start the day with 2 pints of water, then have a pint of tea then another pint f water then a pint of bone broth then another pint all before midday. Then in the afternoon I roughly have 4 pints and then a pint before bed. I have always suffered constipation and thought this would help however I have since developed Hypopituaryism and I think it's a result of over consumption of water.

My endo says I have to cut down as my sodium is too low. So to answer your question, you should probably have around 4 pints a day.

Also make sure you have filtered water (I have a Berkey now) and try to avoid tap water as this is full of chemicals and metals.
Sqad i didn't, it was something i learned when i was younger at a rave. I've heard stories of people taking MDMA and then drinking excessive amounts of water then ending up in hospital with hyponatremia
Blimey. I thought I drank a lot of water, Sam, but you have as much in a day as I have in a week
that wasn't his question though :)
sam......I think you may have it the wrong way round.
Your symptoms were due to you hypopituitarism, not the other way round.
What is the problem with your underactive pituitary gland?
Didn't the actor Anthony Andrews end up in hospital due to drinking too much water too quickly. I thought it damages the electrolyte balance. You`d have to drink an awful lot though.
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I said 4 small mugs - i should have said 4 medium size mugs in one go
A young lad I know joined the Blues and Royals and transferred from mounted ceremonial to an armoured reconnisance squadron because that was where there Scimitars were seeing the action in Afghanistan.
On arrival in theatre he was told that, being in a light armoured vehicle with no air/con he was well advised to drink X amount of bottled water.Any one suffering dehydration would be on a charge as bottled water was in plentiful supply.
Young Jamie ws determined not to end up with dehydration and be stuck on a discipline charge so consummed twice as much as advised. He ended up in Sick bay with water intoxication or whatever and threatened to be put on a charge. :-)
There is no actual amount you should drink. Go by your urine, it should be very pale. We get fluids from our food as well.

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