Codependence Is What Exactly...?

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ck1 | 08:28 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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I'm reading a book where this has been mentioned a few times, haven't got to the part where it's explained yet though.


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Does it not mean two or more things that are dependent on each other ?
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I guess so, this is more in the context of a personality disorder.
it depends a bit on the context....yes it means when two entities are dependent upon each other but in human relationships, the implication is often that they are entirely dependent upon each other and can't cope without each other and this is not a good thing.
Whereas I would look at it as house wife/husband. They depend on each other. One looks after the kids and one is the money earner. You depend on each other.
ummmm, I thought as you do, until I read the dictionary definition.
Codependence isn't a word.
Spath, read my link.Of course it is a word, it relates to being codependent
what is the context
it has a very technical meaning in stats
A is inevitably related to B ( as you wonderful research has shown ) because they are both related ( co dependent) on x - which you didnt know about and didnt measure.

ck explains the context above.
the Oxford dictionary thinks co-dependence is a word, though it thinks co-dependency is a nicer one. It obviously wants hyphens, though.

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Codependence Is What Exactly...?

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