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juliely | 21:52 Sun 13th Nov 2005 | Body & Soul
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I am at the moment trying to track the causes of my migraine headaches. I have suffered with these since I was a kid and am now 48. I had to give up caffeine some time ago and this greatly reduced the migraines, I have now given up red wine (1-2 glasses per night) and have gone 4 weeks without a major one. Just little niggles, hopefully this may be the answer. Anybody had a similar experience. I am hoping the relief is not temporary.


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I've never been a sufferer, but 2 guys I worked with both had regular migraines, and virtually cut them out by avoiding chocolate.
I have found out that when i eat certain things in chinese i get a migraine its the MSG in it that sets mine off and chocolate, if i eat too many squares i get a terrific headache.
My brother suffers from migraine and from what he tells me..chocolate,cheese,red wine,coffee and oranges trigger it off with him.So he avoids all these things and if he gets a twinge takes Migraleve (?) asap before it gets a hold.Having said that my son used to suffer from migraine as a child up until he was in his late teens.We never found out what triggered it off with him,in spite of cutting out various things and he has grown out of it. He rarely gets it now only in the form of a very bad headache ,occasionally ...and nowhere near like the vomiting and light intolerance he used to have.
hi, i have suffered from migraine since i was 15, you should cut out choc, caffeine and dairy, dont get overstressed or over tired either. migraleve help but avoiding in the first place is the key.

Hi Juliely. I've had migraine attacks since teen years - now 60 - and I narrowed it down to bitter chocolate in particular. Bournville, Terrys, in fact chocolate over 70% brings on an attack within hours!

Since the last five or six years it has developed into meniers disease (check the web) and I would dearly like to find some relief from that if anyone can help! (just relief - there is no cure)

hi i suffered with migraines too,i gave up cheese as i ate lots of it,i put it down to that coz fingers crossed since ive not ate it i havent had on since,or have you had your eyes tested,my mum had them too and it was down to needing glasses
like loocfox, I've often found Chinease food trigers a migraine attack. They seem to use heaps of salt and monosodium glutimate in the food. I wish they would reduce this because i love it !


i suffer from migraines but after several tests there wa still no trigger found. i am now on a medication called... sumatriptan succinate... ask your doctor... they are the first thing that have ever worked for me!!!

I find having unstable blood sugar levels causes some of my migraines. I think this is quite a common cause. I tend to get a migraine when I haven't eaten for ages or when I've eaten far too many sugary foods.
Having read through the above posts it seems to be that a quick cure for migraine is to stop eating everything that you like the most!! I had heard before that the things which you are most likely to be allergic to are the things you most desire to eat, some kind of reverse reaction I suppose, maybe it's true.
Hi forgot to add this last time try this have a read i have one, Its used as a preventative for migraine, and other things.
Thankfully red wine and chocolates don't give me migraines - hoorah! My migraines are mostly caused by ****** hormones. My mum's migraines stopped after the menopause, at least I have one reason to look forward to the menopause.

Years ago I was given a book called "The MIgraine Handbook" and told it would change my life.

It did.

The crux of it was that it is a combination of triggers that sets of migraine, for example you may be able to drink red wine or eat a little chocolate after a meal when the blood sugar is high, but consuming them on an empty stomach will bring painful results.

The book suggested keeping a diary for six weeks, not just of all food eaten, but also of how long you went without food (night or day) and any other factors such as stress, weather, menstruation.

The author used to get headaches regularly on a Sunday, and once she had kept the diary could not believe how obvious the answer was. Instead of dashing round shopping on a Saturday with an empty stomach, she used to make sure to have breakfast and change her Saturday lunchtime red wine for white.

Different people have different triggers; chocolate, cheese and alcohol (especially when blood sugar is low)are very common ones.

Just a thought; have you been checked for anaemia?

PS I've just googled the book & found it is by Jenny Lewis & is available on Amazon - if it is the same book, still in print over 30 years later, it must have helped a lot of people.

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Thanks everyone,l lots of info there. My attacks are certainly worse ar certain times of the month but have definatley improved. I take Clonidine tablets and although they make me very sleepy, I just go to bed for an hour or so and they usually clear up. But it is no more red wine for me.
Thanks again.
Hi, can I suggest please you look at - hopefully this will answer most of your questions and help you manage better generally.
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