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Bazile | 13:37 Wed 10th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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A post yesterday prompts me to post the following

A family member for some time , had been feeling dizzy upon standing up from a bending down position .

She then had a syncopal episode after she stood up from a sitting position , one night
She came round after about 30 seconds , after having the loss of consciousness .

She visited A&E , where a diagnosis of - ‘‘Postural Hypotension – likely secondary to anti-hypertensives ‘’ was made

Some of her blood pressure medication was stopped and ( apart from feeling a bit lightheaded one evening about 3 months later ) she has not had any further symptoms of feeling dizzy , when standing up from bending down position or from getting up from a seated position or any further syncopal episodes .

My question – does she need to be report the incident to the DVLA ?


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It is on the list as a condition to be reported - however, that may bot cover one episode and she needs to check with her Doctor.
I think your friend better hang up her driving clubs and you also.
Practically everyone on the planet would need to report a condition if you read the attached list in the official Gov link. :-)
* ^ may not - sorry
'Driving Clubs'.......must drive a Golf.
That isn't a list of reportable conditions, retrocop. Click on each condition and it simply tells you if you need to report your condition or not.
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hc4361 - I didn't realise that you needed to click on each condition to see if its reportable - thanks - and you mamy
If you can see potential links between the condition and decreased quality of driving, then i feel it should be reported. Worse case scenario if you tell them, they say, oh, you don't need to tell us that.

Worst case scenario if you don't.. Getting into an accident, then being informed your insurance is void due to not reporting the medical condition which caused the accident.
Spath, you are talking about insurance.The OP is about the DVLA.
I can't see it on that list. Am I missing it somewhere? In any case if it was me, I wouldn't report it. The blood pressure pills were obviously doing their job very well and caused low blood pressure. If they have been stopped and the blood pressure has returned to normal then I don't see a problem.
Sorry Danny i meant to say Drivers License instead of insurance. Thank you for picking up on that.
As a point of order, spath, we have drivING licences in the UK. It's those chaps from the other side if the Atlantic who have drivERS licences.
I occasionally feel a little dizzy when standing up; it's very common and I can't see it affecting driving, unless your relative is given to suddenly leaping to her feet while at the wheel of a convertible.

I also had a little syncopal episode while abroad some years go. Nobody there or here could say why. It never occurred to me to report it to anyone; and it hasn't happened again.

If it did happen again, that might be different.

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