Does Anyone Keep Hens!?

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tinkerbell23 | 13:24 Wed 10th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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I have a good sized garden but I do have neighbours around!?

Do they fly away!?
Would they make a lot of noise that would cause complaints!?


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cocks make lot of noise but hens don't.
you can keep their wings trimmed so they don't fly but they can jump/hop a height so have a decent fence
you will need a run for keeping them from Mr fox when you are not about and of course coop for night times
There was another user who kept coming back under different names but I can't be certain now who she was- it'll come back to me
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I have a 6 foot fence.

I did think its the cocks that make the most noise!!! (Lovely animals!!!)

Id love a little coop and run!!!

Thanks! X
try and get some rescue battery chickens.
I am getting some in the next month or two - just need to get the side garden cleared
you should also check (or you may know) whether you are allowed to keep hens. My own house has a covenant on it (as do all the houses on the estate) not to keep pigs, pigeons, or poultry and I can see why....but oddly no covenant against keeping a horse, cow or goat! I have got chicken keeping friends, many of whom have battery rescues...they all say the same, that chickens are not especially hardy and not to get attached, and also that if you keep chickens, you will get rats and need to deal with them.
also check if you need a license as you do over here in NI
I had two hens in my suburban garden for about three years. They made no loud noise, just their happy clucking. They were free range during the day and locked in a coop at night...though one did try and roost on the work top! We have six foot fences and they did not attempt to get over them.
They had access to the house as the back door is often open.
We had two eggs daily and gave some away to friends regularly. Thelma and Louise were great fun and would run across the garden to me when they saw me. Also had cuddles.
They retired happily to a friend in the country.
Go for it...I would be very surprised if you received complaints...

Yeah we got four currently, all layers (most of the time) and all gorgeous. They shouldn't fly away but obviously be aware that they *might* -- and, sometimes, even if they do, they're likely to come back to the rest of their "flock" sooner or later.

Also yes they can be a little noisy, eg just after laying, or if something startles them, but most of the time you only have to listen to cute content clucking noises.
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Thank you for the lovely advice!!

Im in scotland I dont think I need a lisence!

I have enquired about rescuing a few ex battery hens.... wee souls!!!

My patio door is open all day long- i bet they would pop in to say hello hehe! X
Well do make a point of prepping and doing good research beforehand. I think the usual rule is that for only a handful of hens (and if you own your house) then there's no trouble, although you'll want to make sure that the hens have a good amount of space, plenty of different things to do, an area for dust-bathing, a nice solid coop and so on. And safety, too: foxes are a sad risk, and mice/rats aren't so much dangerous as a nuisance.

get them, its such a lovely thing to do. then come and tell us what its like
Hens cluck when theyve laid an egg. Best kept in pens else you cant find the eggs. Cockerels crow at 4am. Borrow a cockrel for a week if your hen is broody & you want chicks.

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Does Anyone Keep Hens!?

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