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jennyjoan | 14:15 Fri 15th Mar 2019 | Body & Soul
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have received a letter from doctor's re the above and googled it so it is in relation to diabetes. I do have an appointment in a few weeks with the nurse who wants to check it again (I think) - is there anything I can do to lower it in the next few weeks.


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Yes, plenty of things, but whatever you do will not change your HbA1C, as this is a representation of your blood sugar over the PAST 12-14 weeks..
Changes to your diet and more exercise will improve your next Hba1C result, though.
Cut down on sugary foods and drinks, reduce the amount of carbs you eat (but don't cut them out altogether), drink less alcohol and exercise more.
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yes I have been eating more sugary things than usual and I will have to get my act together. I am going to try and lose weight which I think will help.

Assuming you are overweight, jenny, it well help a lot! The trick is to find healthy foods that you really enjoy.
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oh yes I'm overweight ok, and had lost more weight like 5lbs but I've put that back on.

I do know the right thing to do but it's doing it LOL.
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my neighbour sorta lost about 3 stone within 6 months - because of stomach trouble. She cut out dairy and carbs - follows the diet of a coeliac. She's looking great.
It's very difficult to stick to a no carb diet unless you really have because they make you ill.
I tried the low carb, high fat diet recommended by a lot of diabetics and ended up with NAFLD (non alcoholic fatty liver disease). I now eat a low fat diet with a moderate amount of carbs, typically porridge for breakfast (carbs but high fibre); salad with meat, fish, eggs or cheese for lunch (very low or 0 carbs); meat, fish or poultry with veg and a small portion of carbs such as potato, rice or pasta for dinner (eg bolgnese with a small portion of spaghetti; pork chop with veg and 2 smallish boiled potatoes; chicken and vegetable curry with a small portion of rice).
I have at least two pieces of fruit every day but no banana as I know that causes my blood sugar to spike. I'm fine with melon, apple, orange, plums and pineapple.
I try to walk twice a day for 20 minutes or so.

I was on 4 different drugs for diabetes but now it is 'reversed' and I need no drugs at all. No fancy pants expensive foods, no crank diet that stops me eating out and no expensive gym membership. I also lost over 7 stone and now have a healthy liver, so all is good.
JJ...don't be silly, if you go on a diet for a few weeks before your next blood test, it will give a false impression of your pre-diabetic state and may suggest that you are not in a pre diabetic state and necessary treatment will be withheld.
Wait until you Hba1C is taken and THEN if you need or want to reduce your carbohydrate and sugar intake with all the other suggestions by hc 4361........then that would be good advice.
Did they tell you what your result is, jenny?
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no they just said there were a few slight changes in the blood but mentioned an appointment in 2 weeks but I have one in 4 weeks

they tested me for kidney, liver, cholesterol and the diabetes - the diabetes is rampant in my family

that's great HC your diabetes was reversed - really great and I'll take note of your diet. Thanks
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that's a great loss of weight. Ideally I am going to try for one stone but two stone would make an enormous difference to me and my clothes.
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HC - if you feel like having a sweetie what do you have. I have bought sugar free digestives today so hope that's a good idea.
I am type two, diet/ weight controlled for three years now, when I fancy something sweet to eat I go for the dried fruit,(you soon get used to it,) I guess you already know that eating smaller proportion and exercise are good, don't go to the extreme and cut out everything as this will end up as diabetes controlling you and not you controlling diabetes. A little of what you fancy now and then does no harm.
Excellent post by KJN.
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thanks guys. I have started today tho - I have enrolled for my gym - get my induction next Tuesday - I get it free for being over 60 not that I would have paid anyhow.

This morning I have some fruit - There is an online MyFitnessPal - it is simply brilliant for giving you exact cals/sugar of what you eat for the day.

I know Sqad you told me to wait but I'm in the mood for dancing LOL. I start off good and then usually I flag but hopefully I'll control. You're a good spud Sqad - I know you're only worried about me. Ah right says you. LOL
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you know KJN - just this past two week or three weeks before I went to last nurse I was eating way too much chocolate - like I don't usually do that. So no choclit here.
Give up chocolate up for lent jj, ( what’s remaining of it ).
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could do Anne but would that be hypocritical as I would be giving the chocolate up for me and not originally Lent

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