Do These Energy Bracelets Work ??????

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pumpjack | 11:34 Tue 12th Mar 2019 | Body & Soul
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energy magnetic bracelets, load of crap or not ?


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If you believe they work....they just might.
Never underestimate the power of your mind...
I think that they have no physical effect, however.
There's strong evidence to suggest that it will work if you believe it will. is available for 22 days.
The documentary referenced above also indicates that placebos often work even when the subject knows it's a placebo.
you will go around getting stuck to things.....not joking. I have got bracelets with magnetic clasps because I can't do catches any more and I stick to the outside of my car
I know folk who believe in them. Me, I'm unconvinced.
If it's about the power of placebo then put plastic ones on for all the good it will do.
load of crap
and even if you believe that - a/c to they above the could still work ...
They are supposed to hold a magnetic attraction. Failed me badly at the dance halls in my youth. I ended up with Grannys and Grimmers. :-)

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Do These Energy Bracelets Work ??????

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