Mixing Sleeping Tablets With Alcohol?!

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scruffbag | 10:15 Thu 07th Mar 2019 | Body & Soul
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What personal experiences have you had please, when mixing alcohol with the sleeping tablet, Zolpidem?
I would really value your experiences, as I am struggling with this in stressful situations.
Many thanks x


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What does the leaflet say?

Just a guess but I know if you take over the counter sleeping aids it's advised not to drink alcohol.
In what situation - drinking all evening and then taking a tablet?
Years back during a bad time I used to take half a zopiclone (I expect they are similar) with a glass of wine last thing and it enabled me to fall asleep but still go to work next morning. In general though it's not advised is it.
Don't do it.
You may get away with it in the short term, but in the long term there are serious side effects.
No, I have no personal experience of it.

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Mixing Sleeping Tablets With Alcohol?!

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