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kawakiri | 13:27 Thu 28th Feb 2019 | Body & Soul
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Hi the creaking gate here. I had optical urethrotomy on 26 Feb, getting a lot of bruising to glans, taking on quite a purple shade. Is this to be expected they didn’t mention it when I was discharged. Constantly feel the need to go to the loo.


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I suppose that you still have a catheter in situ...........or not.

If you have, then there should be rine in your bag and that being blood stained is normal
if the catheter has been removed, then providing you are passing your urine, albeit blood stained.......then no big deal.

Bruising to the glans is not that uncommon depending upon the expertise of your surgeon...;-)
Drink plenty, avoid streuous exercise and monitor the situation and as long as you are passing urine, you will be on the right track.

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Thanks, yes catheter still in situ. No bag just flipflo valve. Urine mostle clear now I have upped my water intake. I had less pain after my cabg x 3
LOL......I must say that I agree.....I would rather have my chest opened than my c.0ck stretched anytime.
Carry on creaking.
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Looking for guidance again.
Had the catheter removed and advised could restart clopidogrel which was stopped prior to the urethrotomy. Developed gross hematuria resulting in a&e admission on friday 02:00 where I had a bladder flush. Discharged later same day 16:30 and advised to stop clopdogrel for two days. Started clopidogrel this morning (still on aspirin as well) and hematuria back again this evening.
Do I ring gp or urology dept? The discharge from cardiology was to take clopidogrel for 12 months post cabg which would be up early May.

sqad - you clearly havent had your chest opened ...

hey have you thought - Sqad listed for thoracotomy -
junior houseman - please sir can sign this consent for the operation?
Sqad - for it is he ; open my chest - young man ! are you sure you dont want just to bruise my willxie?
Jnr HS - eek !

OK sozza - light evening
a thoractomy is like running at a door with red hot needles sticking out at eye level ....
Kawakiri , I'm sure Sqad will see your latest plea soon - however if the Department opens before he does I'd ring Urology.
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Thanks Mamya, yes I’ll give urology a call in the morning.
PP, out of the two chest opened for cabg and urethrotomy I had a lot less post op problems from the cabg but must admit it may well be the post cabg medication causing me the post urethrotomy problem.
OMG Kawakiri you have been in the wars - take care & get better soonest ....KM misses you :) xx
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Thanks Seekerz, all part of my plan to visit as many hospitals as I can. Boy do I love the NHS.
K. I hope you feel better soon. Don’t hesitate to call for advice from medical staff .
can you do that as a package tour, kawa, or does it have to be at your request :)) xx
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I’m waiting for the invite to the staff party
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I rang urology and apparently I have to go via my GP, have an appointment today.
Best wishes Kawa - keep us informed. x
Please see FAO Kwariki in Body and Soul.
^ That thread is here:

By the way, sqad, I know you probably know this and choose not to, but just in case it's of use ... you can subscribe to any thread you're interested in and you'll be emailed whenever there's an update to that thread, even weeks later. Click the "Subscribe" button on the OP.

You can also easily unsubscribe when you've had enough.
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Hi, thanks Sqad and all. Saw the GP today and she advised me to stop taking the Clopidogrel until I see the urology team when I have the three way catheter removed on Friday. I’ll be happy to get that out
Thanks kawakiri.........that is good advice by your GP.

Elipsis...yes, I do know that...thanks. just too lazt to implement this.

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