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ukanonymous | 08:41 Sat 23rd Feb 2019 | Body & Soul
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As my alcohol addiction was replaced by kratom I have recently been attempting to stop taking kratom. I havent drunk for a ling time now so now is the right tim to stop taking kratom. I have cut down from 3 table spoons per day to 1 tea spoon per day. This is all going well but the problem of facing the world and all its evil still bothers me. So though a few friemds I was introduced to a woman who gave me online councilling 50 usd per hour and 1 tine per week. Anyway she told me the world is designed to make us in despair because we are litterally being farmed like animals. Yet oir product is our emotions and the strongest emotional state is despair and fear. I told her my favorite place in the world is Thailand becaise of the environment , the food and just feeling of a little but of danger. Anyway she told me that i can get this exact same feeling by stiing in a bit of grass in the garden because everything is indeed connected. Also she has told me to imagine travelling to the center of the earth every night and bath in a soothing bath surrounded by a crystal structure room. Also she has told me to imagine my oldself visit my younger self and discuss the nightmares I used to have. Anyway I am ok with all this I just dont understand where it is going. What do you think I can acheive? When I aske this lady she tells me to reach a stage where i am more comfortable with reality and feel a strong connection to life. Do you thibk this is a worth while task? Because I am starting to question it and think after 6 sessions I cant get much more of her opinions.


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Hopefully, you can atop using kratom (or anything else) as a way of coping with life and all its problems.

I'm not sure that the best type of counsellor is one who tells you //the world is designed to make us in despair because we are litterally being farmed like animals//
* stop
I will simply say that I am really quite cynical about online services of the type you describe and "lifestyle" advice in general - although nothing you describe suggests there is anything but good intent behind the advice.

Clearly you need to avoid using chemicals of any kind (standard medication excepted) and I admire your determination to give them up. Your description of your state of mind shows that you are troubled and a solution needs to be found for that. Not being trained in understanding these things I cannot say whether the root of your problems is insecurity of some kind or something entirely different, perhaps a result of your previous drinking. Your intent regarding Kratom and alcohol before that shows a good reservoir of strength. It may well be that relaxation and meditation would help (as the lady in effect suggested) - I would suggest avoiding being exploited by "false healers" in that category, learn the techniques from those who are accredited or even by yourself from reading, etc.

Good luck
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what it will achieve is to make her fifty dollars richer
//There you go!! proof that he is a stupid bloody idiot!! Just another wind up!!//

Some people question life and meaning. Some people just watch soccer and soaps until the day they die.

You're being mugged!
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Hi Karl thanks for the reply. Actually kratom is a naturally occurring plant. However it is addictive but no where near as addictive as normal standard opiates prescribed by doctors. The doctor wanted to put me on all sorts of medication to stop drinking and I strongly feel they would be far more toxic than a plant. After jumping out the window last year and having spinal surgery I avoid prescription medicines at all cost. I distil my own water and mainly eat Bio leafy greens.

But how do you determine a false leader? I mean for me there is no difference in the likelihood of an all seeing or alien beings harvesting us for emotions. The only difference is that more people believe one of them. So in your opinion how do you define a false leader?
False 'healers'. Not leaders. (shakes head).
what do you think opiates are made out of????
While the counsellor “might” believe in all that stuff, she’s making money out of you.
You’ll never be quite ‘cured’ and so will carry on being dependant on her. I’ve seen people like this.
Also, from

//some people have used kratom as an herbal alternative to medical treatment in attempts to control withdrawal symptoms and cravings caused by addiction to opioids or to other addictive substances such as alcohol. There is no scientific evidence that kratom is effective or safe for this purpose; further research is needed.//

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