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bainbrig | 19:07 Sun 10th Feb 2019 | Body & Soul
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Is there a non-sweet vegetarian version, and does Complan help recovery?



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Complan is Veggie Bill, but not Vegan x
They do a savoury soup, not sure of the range of flavours.

It's not an aid to recovery as such but helpful if you aren't eating well.
I stupidly missed the mention of vegetarian - sorry.

Vegetarian: Yes, Complan is suitable for your diet.
Vegan: Unfortunately as Complan contains skimmed milk powder/milk protein it is unsuitable for your diet.
It aids recovery inasmuch as it is a meal substitute. I only buy strawberry, banana and vanilla so I can't comment on savoury versions.
It helps recovery if the person is struggling to eat solids, or if they have lost their appetite.

Solid food is preferable, is a soft vegetable soup an option? Root vgetables, or pea soup for example?
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Well, I’m eating too little for me, so it would help, if I can keep it down! I’ve lost 10kg in 4 weeks, without meaning to.
My mother was always using it as a diet aid - a precursor to Slimfast shakes I guess.
There is a non-flavoured version, available in a largish could add savoury flavours yourself (Marmite etc) or just use as a "thickish" milk drink....
Definitely worth a try then BB. Hope it helps.
bainbrig, what does the doc say?

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