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LadyCG | 11:26 Sat 09th Feb 2019 | Body & Soul
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Hi Sqad, I'm really at my wits' end. I've had one bout of lurgy after another (I'm now on number 7 or 8, I've actually lost count). I'm half-way through a course of Amoxycillin, but don't feel these are doing anything.

My ears are completely blocked. I feel like I'm under water and there's been no improvement whatsoever over the last 2 weeks. I've had multiple decongestant capsules, nasal sprays, etc, but nothing is helping. I've even been informed, rightly or wrongly, that decongestants might be making the problem worse.

I can barely hear what people are saying to me and I am so very fed up now.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


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At this rate I'll be changing my name to "Lady-Bug"

Hi! CG.....not good eh?
You need to see someone who will look in your ears, into your nose and assess the situation, someone who knows what they are looking at , such as a Consultant ENT surgeon. ask for referral CG.or if you can afford £150 go privately.

Decongestants making it worse: a lot has been talked about this "Rebound Phenomenon" but i have never been convinced.
Good luck CG
I'm not sqad...
But I learned many years ago that decongestants were not my friends. I've recently discovered saline sprays (Sterimar brand)...they ease the symptoms.
You sound like me this time last year...from January through March it was constant.
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My GP looked in both my ears the other day, Sqad, and said my left ear looked a bit red. The little one was given Amoxycillin for an ear infection the Friday before last after his temperature spiked at nearly 40°c.

I don't know whether to try candle therapy - I've heard arguments for and against.

I may try a simple saline spray, Pasta. I've tried Sudafed thus far.
CG.....the majority of GP's wouldn't have a clue as to what they were looking for or looking at as far as the nose and ear is concerned.

I would advice against " ear candling".

What do you think putting salt solution up your nose, when decongestants haven't helped.

See an ENT specialist and get a diagnosis.
Sqad, I find that sterimar does help mechanically. I am not convinced that it has any effect on swollen tissue, but if any part of the blockage is caused by gunk, especially thick gunk, then it does seem to help to keep the drainage going and is very soothing on soreness....but if the right antibiotic isn't working then I would be going back to the doc but after finishing the course unless its getting markedly worse. I find when I get a sinusitis that I need an antibiotic to clear, (usually I can get rid of it with sterimar and a decongestant plus spicy food) it will take until 3/4 of the course to seean improvement and, because the gunk starts draining as the infection recedes, it feels worse before it feels better.
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Errr... okay. I'm happy to pay and go private.

However, as I have been given to understand, a lot of people have had this same issue during the winter and following a viral process. I wonder if things will eventually resolve by themselves. can give it a try........monitor the situation.
Sqad, I doubt you would get a private referral for as little as £150 ( inflation ).
asquith....nothing to do with this OP but a little story for you.
I first started in private practice in 1974, some 40+ years ago and i charged £10 for a consultation. This guy gave me £10 note and winked indicating cash. I saw this chap every six months and each time the same..£10 note and a wink which continued until i retired some 40 years on.
I hadn't the heart to tell him that £10 was not enough due to inflation.
I have suffered on and off for several years with ear infections. My GP would supply oral anti-biotics and take culture swabs to determine the correct oral AB to presribe. It was very much a temporary remedy as it returned quite quickly.
In the last6 weeks I went to an Audiologist who provided a hearing aid for my right ear but would not prescribe or fit one for my left ear as it was infected (Turns out later so was my right ear) She referred me to an ENT consultant in the same hospital who I saw on 30/01/19.
Both ears were infected so he prescribed CILODEX. These are AB eardrops . Ciprofloxacin 0.3% and Dexamethasone 0.1%.
After a weeks use my ear infection has cleared in both ears and will get my second hearing aid shortly. Anti-Biotic eardrops seem to have more efficacy for me than oral tablets.
LCG fly to Menorca with Miles, sun, sea sangria & unowho will cure you - all the best ;)
Crikey Sqad
Always the same £10 note.!! Was he printing them? :-)
ps dont forget the tenner & ;) - lol
Sqad , what were you doing for that £10 . :’)
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I tried some Cerumol drops which were completely inefficacious and just made my ears more bunged up. I'm reluctant to revisit drop therapy if I'm honest.
Cerumol drops are only for softening and removing wax. They will do nothing for infections. Infections in ears, eyes and sinuses are notoriously hard to clear with oral antibiotics and, yes, where they can be used, drops can work better.
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They do have an anti-bacterial component I believe.

Are there any proper antibiotic drops I can buy OTC or do I need to see GP again?
Why don't you ask your GP if they could prescribe similar to what I described earlier or request a consultation from an ENT specialist at your local hospital.
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I don't like any of the GPs at that Practice. They're penny pinchers who fob you off.

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