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LadyCG | 10:26 Sat 09th Feb 2019 | Body & Soul
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Hi Sqad, I'm really at my wits' end. I've had one bout of lurgy after another (I'm now on number 7 or 8, I've actually lost count). I'm half-way through a course of Amoxycillin, but don't feel these are doing anything.

My ears are completely blocked. I feel like I'm under water and there's been no improvement whatsoever over the last 2 weeks. I've had multiple decongestant capsules, nasal sprays, etc, but nothing is helping. I've even been informed, rightly or wrongly, that decongestants might be making the problem worse.

I can barely hear what people are saying to me and I am so very fed up now.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


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nope if you are in the uk, there are very few preparations you can buy that have an antibiotic in. In fact, the only one I can think of offhand is chrolamphenicol eyedrops and they need a pharmacist's agreement.
PS antibacterial is NOT the same as antibiotic.
I think it is about £200 nowadays

£10 in 1974 is around £100 now

[ what £1 bought in 1914, was bought with £10 1971 ( decimalisation and £100 2015 - around £20 now]

my invest mad uncle gave up investing a few years ago and announced he had probably broken even over the whole cycle: BUT if he started with £1000 in 1970 and ended with £1000 2010 - he would have lost 90% value. He would need £10 000 to break eeven and I think he would have told us....
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Woofgang @ 12:57, I already know that ;)
I don't think there's any point in putting drops in your ears. If your ears are blocked, the problem is the on the other side of the eardrum.
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They're actually a bit better today. Quite a way off normal, but there's definitely been some improvement overnight.
The Amoxycillin is probably starting to work.

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