Heavily Bleeding 5 Days After Period

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ThatgirlMolly | 17:41 Tue 05th Feb 2019 | Body & Soul
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Has this ever happened to anyone else? Do you think its something to be worried about??


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If this isn't your first period then you should be able to grasp what a normal flow is for yourself.

You should see your GP if you're worried about your bleeding or if your periods have got heavier
Some info on heavy bleeding can be found here:
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No its not I'm 36!
Out of curiosity.. Have you felt hot flushes recently? Experienced more tender breasts? maybe a lower sex drive?
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Yes I have actually
If there are no real changes you can think of - contraception etc and the bleed is heavy and you are worried then it's worth getting checked.

If things are now settling then see what next month brings Molly.
It may not be likely.. but it is certainly possible that you are experiencing an early menopause

The menopause usually affects women of ages 45-55 but can affect women at ages such as 30.

I would book in with your GP.

I've known of women who have had to go to the docs during menopause because their periods have become very heavy and rather exhausting.
Could be polyps Molly. That happened to me when I was about 42. To be absolutely sure, please visit your GP.
If this is the first time that it has happened it could be many things but no big deal...see what happens in the ensuing months.

BUT if you last period was not a normal period , then it could be a miscarriage. need to worry.

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Heavily Bleeding 5 Days After Period

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