Progesterone Cream?

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Scarlett | 01:20 Tue 05th Feb 2019 | Body & Soul
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My sister says this is really good but I wondered what you thought. I am probably just about to start perimenopause. I have symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, irregular and heavy periods, irritability and hair loss. I'd be interested if anyone else has tried something similar, and what Sqad thinks!


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I haven't used it but have looked up different references and there is no (or very little) evidence that it helps at all other than anecdotal comments on sales sites.

If you are suffering, perhaps check in with GP or the Nurse at your practice.
I agree with Mamya, in that progesterone cream is poorly absorbed through the skin and has very little effect on the lining of the uterus and from that point of view, I feel that it has little or nothing to offer.
I suppose the symptoms that you describe could be loosely described as "perimenopausal" but i might such other causes, which should be excluded, e.g Fibroids , anaemia, endometriosis..........if they are causing problems to quality of life, then see your GP
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I tried this 20 odd years ago. The HRT that was available then did not suit me at all and I had tried all the other herbal and complementary things. It wasn't cheap and I guess it still isn't. In hindsight I think the small benefits I experienced were a placebo effect but at the time I would take what I could get. I second Sqad's suggestion that you see your GP to eliminate other causes and discuss your options. With me the dizzy spells were so bad that the doc wanted to rule out neurological illness. There are more hrt options available now that there were, also non hrt meds that can help to manage some of the symptoms. I ended up going through it cold turkey which is also do able if all else fails.

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Progesterone Cream?

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