Special Needs Child - Banged Head

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milliemooXX | 14:51 Mon 04th Feb 2019 | Body & Soul
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A child with Special Needs falls when being assisted in boarding or alighting a school Minibus and hits their head - what is the correct procedure for the PA and Driver to follow ?


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While awaiting a more qualified answer, my action would be :-

Call the parents and an ambulance/paramedic. Inform school authorities to formally record the event.
Cover all bases to be on the safe side! Hopefully you'll get the right procedure soon.
the term "special needs" can cover so many things including behavioural issues. I'm not sure that in some cases the action would need to be any different to the actions taken for a child who doesn't gave special needs. It would need to be recorded but I'm not sure it would always be necessary to call an ambulance and the parents, but maybe I've not always followed the right protocols
I don't see why the special needs bit should make any difference.
Unsure whether this is simply a question about procedure or the way to treat the child.

Procedure should have been covered in both the PA and Driver's training and they should follow that.

Common sense re the child, check all vital signs and seek help if it's obvious the child needs it.
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Thanks all. It is a question I have been asked to reply to. The "Special Needs" is irrelevant I agree.
As it's a wide ranging term, could it need additional consideration if, for example, the child may be unable to communicate as effectively (especially if there is a a potential head injury) or may become extremely distressed as a result of an injury?
The driver and the PA should both be Midas trained and, in that case, should know the correct procedure.

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Special Needs Child - Banged Head

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