Cough And Hematology

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DarceyK123 | 02:16 Thu 10th Jan 2019 | Body & Soul
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My son has had a bad cough on and off for 3 years, doctors cant seem to find out why.

He's now been refered to a Hematologist, any ideas why? He doesn't smoke and has a healthy lifestyle.


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Has he had bloods done lately? Perhaps that's thrown up something unexpected.
Due to the paucity of medical information given, any reply is going to be a "wild guess".
My guess is that your son is not giving you the whole story, but apart from my inadequate contribution, I cannot think of a better explanation than that given by LadyCG.
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Thanks for your replies, yes, he's had loads of tests including blood tests,

Sqad, not sure what you mean by him not giving me the whole story.
its my guess that sqad means hes not telling you everything when he says he;s not telling you everything,
it would be quite unusual for a doctor the see the results of the tests, make a referral and not speak at all to the patient as to why.
sounds like its a worrying time for you all and i hope he gets some news soon
bednobs has got it in one.
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Thank you, fingers crossed for him then. So worried.
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Just a little update, his doctor mentioned his blood was a bit thicker than it should be. Still confused as to how that links in with his couch.

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Cough And Hematology

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