Metformin And Vitamin B12 Problems.

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wolf63 | 22:02 Wed 09th Jan 2019 | Body & Soul
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I have been on Metformin for about twenty years, initially it was prescribed as I had insulin Resistence, but am now considered to be diabetic.

I am constantly so tired that it affects my ability to think, I also have problems with cognitive dysfunction (Lithium for 20+ years). Luckily my job required me to have a brain and I was given early retirement on health grounds in 2004.

My latest plan is to lose weight and improve my diet. Would it be worth taking Vitamin B12 tablets to see if they can jump start my brain? I'm getting bloods taken at the end of the month but I am in the right frame of mind to find some energy now.

I am being told that it's bedtime but I will be back later.


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Losing weight and reducing you reliance on carbohydrates would certainly be a positive step in controlling your diabetes.
This can be monitored by daily or at least weekly blood sugar tests to assess your reliance on Metformin.
As for B12....if the blood tests show that your B12 levels are impaired, then taking the vitamin in some form "may " help. However if the B12 blood analysis is normal then I see no poit in taking B12 in any form.

Your tiredness and congestive impairment may well have nothing to do with your diabetes, but it is preferable that you have a proper blood analysis profile before you embark upon on any high flown theories of your own.
Wolf do you have home monitoring device for your diabetes to check your blood sugar levels?
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\\\ ... before you embark upon on any high flown theories of your own...

A manic episode would be so nice just now. :-)

Thanks doc, I know you are probably right.
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Tony, no but I don't want either. I would just get obsessed with using it and plotting graphs ... I had one a few years back.
Wolf get a new one from your GP and it's not plotting charts but my help you to understand what's happening with your body.
Lithium is an awful and cheap drug IMHO.
There are better alternatives nowadays, when did you last see your GP?
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Tony, I was on a few other medications and none seemed to work. I can't remember details but was also on antipsychotic tranquilizers at one stage. on

I must have been hell to work with. My job was to calculate overpayments of benefit, sometimes for cases destined for prosecution.

I would prefer to stay on the psychiatric medication that I am on. Tinkering with it may not have positive results.

My cat has now punched me to remind me that he wishes to go to sleep. I must obey his demands and go to bed too. Good job I love the little ***###***
I'm on B12, B1 and Folic Acid. I feel quite unwell if I don't take them.
To see if you have a B12 deficiency I would see your GP and get a checkup. My wife was feeling tired and breathless most of the time and her GP prescribed a series of B12 injections. It seems to have helped.

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Metformin And Vitamin B12 Problems.

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