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Pullman | 12:22 Wed 09th Jan 2019 | Body & Soul
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My husband suffers from terrible bouts of cramp in his legs when in bed. He is 72 and still goes for a run most days even though his legs ache after having cramp. Anyone got any suggestions or old fashioned remedies that they know of that might help him? Thank you.


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From the NHS website:

"Regular calf-stretching exercises might not completely prevent cramps, but may help to reduce them.

How to stretch calf muscles:

Stand facing a wall, arm's length away, with your feet flat on the floor.

Lean forward, pressing your hands against the wall until you feel your calf muscles stretch. Hold for 2 or 3 seconds.

Stand up straight again.

Repeat a few times for 5 minutes, 3 times a day (the last time just before bed).

If the number of cramps reduces, you might only need to do the exercise once or twice a day".
I get cramp in my legs when I am dehydrated. This may not be the same for everyone but it might be worth checking that your husband is drinking enough, particularly if he runs.
Is your husband on any medication....diuretics, beta lockers etc Or is he suffering from any underlying disease process e.g diabetes?
If so it may well be that is blood potassium is low and taking potassium rich food, e.g Bananas might ease his problems.
However the commonest cause of night cramps remain a mystery, but the posts of the above two contributors are helpful.
My husband used to suffer from them too. He now wears compression stockings during the day now and has found that he doesn't get them any more. May be worth him trying them.
bananas, potassium pills, quinine tablets from your GP might help. But as Sqad says, nobody really knows for sure.
My late mum used to place a magnet at the foot of the bed, she reckoned it worked for her although no medical reason why it should.
Her indoors used to suffer cramps on a regular basis .

Since she has taken to drinking Indian Tonic Water on a regular basis , they have lessened very significantly
Pink Himalayan salt. If I get cramp, a bit of this on my tongue and it goes. It's high in minerals. Try adding some to drinking water.
I’ve suffered night cramp in my legs and feet since I was a teenager but have had none since I’ve been taking Magnesium tablets daily. Several years now.
that'll be the quinine, Bazile. I sometimes take the pills for a day or two if I've had a cramp. I'm a bit wary because I have tinnitus and the quinine can make that worse temporarily.

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