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Tilly2 | 19:45 Tue 08th Jan 2019 | Body & Soul
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I am really unnerved and upset.

I have just returned from a journey through the countryside to a village eight miles away. I hit the kerb twice, once going and once coming back.

I have never hit the kerb before and wondered if I am now safe to drive in the darkness. There was a lot of oncoming traffic due to the 'rush hour' and I found the journey quite difficult.
Do night-time spectacles help, at all? What has happened to my vision?


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Tilly2 best get your eyes tested asap IMO. When did you last have eye test?
How long since you had eyes checked?

It will have unnerved you but don't panic, get checked and see what's what.
I'm not going to ask how old you are Tilly2, but it's well known that older drivers are less comfortable driving in the dark than younger drivers. If my case is typical I think its that older eyes cope less well glare and reflections.
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I had an eye test early last year. I have reading glasses only.
You can get specs that are coated in anti glare for night driving.

I find that the less frequent that you do it, the harder it is.
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158, I am in my sixties. :-)

Do night time driving glasses help you at all?

I hate driving at night. I wear glasses and I cannot take the oncoming car lights. So bright it blinds me.
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Maybe that's it Rocky. I do very little driving at night now that I am retired. Perhaps I need to stick to well lit, urban roads.
Start by getting rid of all the causes of glare (other, of course, than the idiots coming the other way with un-dipped headlights): Wash both the outside and the inside of your windscreen with vinegar. (Clean your wiper blades with it at the same time).

Once you've done so, check that there's not the slightest hint of 'streaking' when you use your windscreen wipers. (If there is, get the wiper blades changed).

Then examine your specs carefully (assuming that you wear them while driving) to check that they're really clean and, importantly, there aren't loads of tiny scratches on them.

Then book an appointment with your optician to get your sight tested (making sure that you mention that you're particularly concerned about your night vision).

Night driving on country roads is never easy though, especially if you're a bit out of practice.
I think you've reached the age Tilly, that about when I first noticed the difference. Never tried night glasses so I'll also be interested in any comments on that subject.
Now! now! now! don't get so agitated and don't Google the symptoms......this is the first time, many factors, tired, low blood sugar all these simple things can account for this loss of concentration and lack of coordination.
I agree with all the ABers who have suggested an eye problem.....but you say that you have had an eye test. There are a multitude of neurological disorders which may present with what you are describing......all relatively uncommon and probably do not apply to you.

Watch the final episode of Manhunt, have a drink and an early night.
Monitor the situation foe another month or so.
Don't panic.
Good answer by Buenchico.
And if that's not bad enough, it's much worse when the roads are wet.
Tilly2 not at all but I would get your eyes checked, I lot can change in a year, at our time of life, and optical expert may be able some for for night driving.
I drive through Epping Forest every day, I know every bump and bend in the road, but I’m not a fan of driving through when it’s dark.
Some interesting and good answers there, I wouldn't worry too much about it, just be aware of what is happening and take that little bit of extra care. You are not on your own, there are millions of us.
Tilly I find the same. Antiglare coated lenses help me a lot. I need glasses for driving anyway so yes a visit for you to the optician sounds like a good idea. Hitting the kerb occasionally on rural roads is not a big deal especially in the dark and with lots of dazzling oncoming lights. I bet doing it once made you anxious as well which didn't help
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Thank you all for your very helpful answers. I can't choose a best one.

I shall make an appointment for an eye test and probably go to Boots instead of Specsavers. I don't like the cattle market aspect of Specsavers and they really messed up my last prescription. I hope that Boots may give a better service.
You know when your pupils dilate and shrink according to the amount of light that is coming into your eyes? I was told that that process is not as effective when you get older. Hence, your eyes can't respond as quickly to headlights from oncoming traffic at night.
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Woof, I am always anxious when driving. I no longer enjoy driving. I only drive when I really have to.

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